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How do you know when you found your soulmate? What are Twin flame signs? Read the article and find out. There is so many questions about twin flames, and also so many misunderstandings about it as well. And while there are multiple articles written about it I find many explanations and claims a bit humorous.

There is one claim I found particularly interesting, to which all I can say is imagination of some spirit workers is very heightened no doubt. What the claim was, well it goes a bit like this. So twin flame is your energy being divided in two and each half incarnates into one body. And in order to be happy they come together. FALSE.

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What are twin flames?

Twin flames are two individuals with the same core energy, different interests, same goal, different characters, same vibe. To understand twin flames you must totally look into energy world. Timelines of the whole creating process are still a bit hard to understand in my eyes, the spectrum gets some getting used to, to be able to completely grasp the whole picture. But one thing is for certain, one creates their second half, always. Twin flame energy is just that for one fact, one starts creating his/her second half from their own self, that core part they actually cherish and love most on self, and they add all the vibrational things they like on others to master on self. So they not necessarily have same features, but do have a general understanding and attraction of it.

Twin flame soulmates

That is why the lessons that will be hardest in life are those you will be learning with your twin flame soulmates. Why so, because of that core energy, which acts like a magnet. That will always keep you two together throughout rough times and obstacles.

So to all of those who really are looking for their soulmates and twin flames to be with them ideal will soon prove to be way different than you imagine. Twin flame is not a relationship where all is nice and lovely and with cherry on top.

Meeting your twin flame

This is proven to be the hardest relationship of them all, simply because the dynamics of the relationship is always that of growth, and when one is leading the other one is trying to speed up the process, if one is behind and has had enough, don’t feel like moving any more, that will cause the pause effect, one will continue without the other, but the further one goes the more confusion the other one feels, and yes the other one will hit rough bottom a few times if they do not decide to follow. Coming back together is a totally normal situation, really to be expected with no doubt. Especially if the path was set to learn the lessons of essence that only the true second half can do with you.

So I do not go to deep with the whole dynamics of meeting your twin flame, let me just sum it up for everyone to understand it in a very simple manner.

Top 10 Signs of Twin Flame Connections


    1. You feel a sense of completion when you meet one another. No explanation but a sense of feeling..


    1. You will have alot of events where coincidences and synchronicity happen between two of you.


    1. A very strong and feeling to be together no matter what lies ahead of both of you.


    1. Both allow one another to pursue their work, opinion, and goals. It is quite common for both to love a lot of similar topics too.


    1. Both will have the ability to feel one another whether happy, unhappy or something bothering easily.


    1. During the first meetup, you will sense the connection with one another and when there is physical connection, one might experience a deja vu experience of somehow knowing the person before in the past.


    1. You may find that you are mirror images of one another..this will require some awareness when you are slowly getting more conscious.


    1. A sense of affection, love, and bond that you may not have felt before with other people.


    1. It is a different relationship where both will have freedom and not be possessive of one another.


  1. Even if both are physically apart, you will still feel the closeness of one another through phone calls.


Twin flame relationship


Find your Twin Flame; Ask Psychic

Find your Twin Flame; Ask Psychic

 If the relationship you are looking for is one of finding yourself, creating yourself into something you feel you are, and are prepared to work on your emotional aspect and self-projection at all given time in life, than congratulations, you are right you are expecting your twin flame to enter your life.

But for those who want flowers and sunshine and love an all good and nice, you for sure do not expect your twin soul to enter your life, because even if your lesson will not be emotional aspect of self, it might be a dynamic of some kind of emotion where you will find self in front of trying to find self in different areas, but through a very opened, heavy at times, conversations with your twin flame relationship.If the relationship you are looking for is one of finding yourself, creating yourself into something you feel you are, and are prepared to work on your emotional aspect and self-projection at all given time in life, than congratulations, you are right you are expecting your twin flame to enter your life.

And I am not talking about conversation where your partner masks and creates a bearable truth out of something that is far from that. But am talking about them telling you the real situation they see and are very well aware of the fact you might not accept it but they do it anyways.



Signs you are soulmates

Twin Flame SignsOn your path will be many different partners, not every next one will be your twin flame soulmate, although your wish to be so will get you to believe that is the case. But many times the situation will show self as not at all such.

Dynamic between twin flames is unique, how do you recognize it on your own? Simple, but also you have to keep opened mind about the answer.

When you love so deep and so profound that you rather see your partner happy with someone else, than suffering with you, and you would not hesitate one single second to give them that, than you for sure know that is it. There will be no jealousy at all, no matter where they are or how long the separation takes. You will feel comfortable next to them same as having them half way around the world.

When bond is there it is impossible to break it, and no matter how far or long the magnet never seizes to exist.

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