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Since time immemorial, people have always been fascinated with knowing what the future holds or that the present is leading them to the right path. Which is why astrology or your simple daily horoscope is always so intriguing – “Is he right for me?” “Should I take this job?” “What’s in store for me in the next few days?” These are questions that we want answers from, and these are the very reasons why Spiritum.com has become one of the most popular sites for psychic readings and spiritual guidance.

Spiritum.com is an online marketplace of psychics from around the world. Anyone can basically create an account and connect with an authentic psychic on the site, allowing you to have an in-depth connection with an experienced, talented, and intuitive expert who uses certain elements to give you the answers you’re looking for.

Let’s take a look at what the site is all about and whether or not it’s actually worth visiting.

What is Spiritum.com?

The site is dubbed to be a worldwide esoteric website that brings together some of the world’s best psychics at the click of a mouse. What makes the site different from every other online psychic company is the fact that they collect the best advisors from a local country and allows you to connect with them using your native language.

Spiritum.com is a sub-company of the hugely popular Eso.tv – a global powerhouse producer of live, interactive TV shows that revolve around all sorts of life advice to its viewers. On any given month, the company produces over 750 hours of live shows which are broadcasted in over 14 countries all over the world.

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Who are the Psychics?

Spiritum.com doesn’t just allow anyone to register at the site as a psychic, unlike some websites wherein anyone can basically become an advisor. They handpick on the best, only the most trusted, and only the most experienced psychics in a given country. When these psychics are added to their list of advisors, the company doesn’t stop there – they continuously monitor their performances so you are assured of long-term and consistent quality at all times.

The psychics offer genuine, personalized advice and readings to each individual and there are no pre-programmed scripts whatsoever. The company also makes sure these advisors are masters of a certain craft, such as tarot card reading, numerology, chakra reading and releasing, astrology, and other ancient practices.

Psychic Profiles

The site’s interface is very easy to use and navigate. You are given a straightforward approach by showing you the steps to starting a reading with any of the psychics available on the site. The psychic profiles are shown on the home page, where you can get a summarized look at what their capabilities are, as well as their rates per minute.

Once you open a profile, you can see the psychic’s short bio, their years of experience, their customer ratings, how many people they’ve helped, as well as their expertise.

The site’s use of terms is also very easy to understand. Underneath the psychic’s profile, you can either see the following buttons: “Free Chat,” “Online,” “Busy Now,” and “Offline.”

When a profile has the “Free Chat” button, anyone can have the free chat service offered by the site. The psychic can be seen, heard, and messaged when you click on the button, and it’s offered free for both members and non-members. You are given a 10-minute free chat with any of the psychics, so you can gauge whether or not the psychic is the best match for your needs.

The “Online” button means that the psychic can be called for private reading only, while the “Busy Now” button means he or she is currently having a private reading with a client at the moment and can’t be contacted as of the present time. The “Offline” button means they are currently unavailable.

How to Register

Anyone can register for a membership at the site since it’s for free. When you choose to have a psychic reading, you’d need to purchase credits that you can use to pay for the psychic’s service. Credits can be bought at a starting price of 19.99 up to 99.99. Most psychics have a rate of 0.99 per minute, and it goes up depending on the psychic’s experience and overall ratings.

Among the services that you can get are private chats, private readings, as well as private video chats where you can get the most personalized experience and guidance.

Pros of Spiritum

  • Multi-Lingual – the site offers many different languages, making it easier for many people to truly articulate what they want to say.
  • Easy to Use – the site is very straightforward with no fuss or bells and whistles that are distracting in other sites
  • Large Database of Psychics – they have hundreds of the best psychics from around the world, not just from one country.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed Offered – if you are not satisfied with the reading of a certain psychic, you can get the very same service from another psychic on the site for free.

Cons of Spiritum

  • There are No Categories for Psychics – it can be a little difficult to find the psychic that you are looking for since there are no categories. If you only want to have some tarot card readings, you’d have to sort through the site’s long list of advisors to look for a specific psychic with the ability that you want.
  • Very Basic – there is no community, or blog, or any kind of supplemental feature on the site that can give you other experiences aside from the free chat and psychic readings provided by the advisors.

Who Is it Good For?

Spiritum.com is great for anyone who’s never had a psychic reading before since you are given 10 minutes of free chat whether or not you’ve become a member. This allows first timers to get a feel about what takes place during these conversations, what to expect, and gives them an introduction to the world of spirituality and ancient practices that can help them lead their lives to the direction that they want.

The Bottom Line

The site is a rich resource of psychics from all over the world. Their free chat service is definitely their best selling point since clients can get a general feel of the psychics without making an actual investment. Although it might take some time to actually choose a psychic that meets your needs, since there are no categories, a summary of their profiles are easily seen along with their pictures on the newsfeed feature of the site.

Overall, Spiritum.com is user-friendly, easy on the wallet, and allows you to connect with some of the world’s best kept psychics you otherwise would not have heard of.

Free psychic questions and answers

Judy Nyssa Tanko

Judy Nyssa Tanko

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