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Psychics can’t fix your life you are the only one who can! I am here to guide and advise, THE REST IS UP TO YOU! Psychic Nyssa


Live Psychic Reading
Live Psychic Reading
If you prefer to discuss your issues and questions you might have in private actual conversation, you can schedule a skype reading with the psychic.

The psychic has her camera on at all times in reading, that way you can see her when she does the reading. There is however no need for you to have your camera on if you prefer not to.

Psychic Email Reading
Psychic Email Reading
Everyone at some point in time needs help answering questions that will lead to solution. Well we have a solution for you.
This is a quick way to get your question answered within 72 hours from posting it, no prior scheduling needed. All you need to do is write your First and Last name and your question. The more specific the question the more specific the answer is going to be. This is one question reading.
healing psychic reading
Energy Healing
Energy Healing is a way to remove the stagnant vibration trapped within the body, due to suppressed emotions, painful memories, and stress. That kind of occurrence causes dis-ease in the body and causes a disconnect with ourselves.
Every energy coming forth into physical body has an ability to heal self and move the vibration to direction of overall wellbeing, some just need help remembering and come up to speed with self.

My Offer

30 min Psychic Reading – $80
60 min Psychic Reading – $110
1 Question Email Reading – $30
Energy Healing – $180
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After purchasing a session with Psychic Judy Nyssa through Paypal, please send us an email to “info {at}” by providing your Paypal transaction ID and some other details we need for successful Reading. PLEASE NOTE: failing to provide the transaction ID will invalidate your order.

Scheduling of a Live Psychic Reading is up to the first possible date and time. You may write your preferred date and time preposition in the comments. If the given date and time are not of your choosing, you may always reschedule to one that suits you best.

Psychic Nyssa

Psychic Clairvoyant

About Psychic Nyssa

Psychic Nyssa is a psychic clairvoyant. She’s been aware of her gift since she was 6. In the beginning her gift felt a heavy burden, being too young to understand the visions and the logic behind it. But over the years using the gift on daily basis she successfully guides and provides help and understanding to all seeking help.

As she likes to say; Life is not set into stone, everyone is their own creator of reality, and life has a lot of knowledge and understanding to offer. Let me show you the way.
Read more below.


She is a born Psychic. She sees, hears, senses, smells and tastes energy world ever since she was a little girl, this is not something that turns off and on for her, and spirits are as real and everydayish for her as any other physical component of this world’s existence.


Psychic Readings are not done solo by her; there are always certain spirits relevant for both of you involved in the entire process…

As you go into a reading she never knows what information is going to come forth, once you ask a question the flow starts happening and she will tell you all she sees, hears, senses etc.

And every message a spirit wishes to pass on to you. But understand one thing…some things you wish to know are not always going to be expressed directly…so always listen carefully and ask if something she says is not understood. Do not make mistake on the subject of  “all knowing”, you are still your own energy and she is not allowed to see everything, just as much as she can give to help! Therefore, what she sees, hears or senses is what she gives, if she does not see, hear or sense it she cannot give!


Let me offer you advice to make the whole experience of private consultation easier for you.

♥ First things first, please feel comfortable asking anything you wish, she is not here to judge your questions, she is here to help you.

♥ Write questions down if you must, so you don’t forget what you wanted to ask, that will clear your mind a bit and allow you to continue with confidence.

♥ FOCUS on one question at a time. STAY FOCUSED.

♥ Ask specific questions.


She always cuts to the chase, right away. And please be advised that she is very direct. She does not offer “fairy tale” endings if that is not the case. She tells it exactly the way she sees it, so make sure you are certain you wish to hear the answer before you ask the question.


Private consultations are just that PRIVATE! All information given/exchanged in private consultation area is strictly confidential and will not be talked about or shared with others. We respect and value our customers. No question is a dumb question. We are not here to judge, but to provide clarity and understanding, to guide you to the problem’s exit. Private information protection guaranteed. No readings we give or information you give is posted anywhere on any public website, or publication whatsoever, unless you wish to post it yourself. Once we provide you with answer it becomes your property and you may use it as you please.


She is not trying to tell you how to live your life! We all have FREE WILL, it is the most powerful tool we have to use! And no one’s future is set in stone! Think LAW OF ATTRACTION & MANIFESTATION…everything you hear can be changed! This is merely an update on where your life path is headed to from this very moment in time!


Psychic Nyssa Can Help You

Nyssa is a natural born psycichic and she help me a lot when I was going through difficult times. Because of her advice I’m in a better place in my life so I can’t recommend her enough.
She has a very kind but direct way of telling you where you’re standing in your life and what is the best for you to do next.

Tina H.

I feel so lucky when I run into a very powerful psychic like Nyssa…..readers like Nyssa are such huge blessings and so good at their gift that they truly know whats going on..she gave so much clarity and truth that I am so grateful for..thank you so much again!!!!


Nyssa! What a beautiful person! lovely reading, felt like talking to a long time friend! she knew what was going on for me and cleared my mind to see things differently and able to move forward with confidence! thank you nyssa!! 🙂 xxxxx


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