Psychic abilities, are they myth or reality? Well most people would probably say it’s a total myth and thanks to the stereotype that was created around it, it is quite impossible to believe what I will be writing about in this article.


People believe that psychic abilities are very much reserved for a minority of people that somehow ‘possess’ this sacred and rare and very mysterious ‘power’ to know the future, to see the future, to hear spirit, to see spirit, to smell, taste and even somehow know facts of the world that most cannot tap into. The reality of it is very different.

Live Psychics

Live Psychics

Are Psychic Abilities common?

Psychic abilities are actually very common, that does not mean though, there are more psychics than people know about, well in a way it means exactly that, but not in a manner of speaking one would understand right away. So the explanation of it, is simple, but only if taken into knowledge the real fact of life.

We all are energy forms. There for we are more alike than you can imagine, but not the same. So we all possess the ability to see, hear, feel, smell, taste and simple know the facts of past, present, future and mare surroundings. Some of us prefer using some aspects of sense more than others, therefor those are more in our reflex motions than others, that is why as psychic abilities some see, some feel, some smell some taste…in general, that is why there are different kinds of psychics.

Now this energy form that we are, incarnate into physical form, that are our bodies. And there these strong and weaker points are more evident. But that is not by far only factor for our abilities to become evident. When we incarnate, we also come into not only physical body, we also come in one big obstacle or to explain better we come into a physical body full of blockage in different areas, which presents lessons throughout our lifetime here on earth, or better put, life learning arena. 

Do we all possess Psychic Abilities?

As I continue writing about it I do believe most of you already understand the dynamic of it. So let us just continue to the main part now…As we all are energy forms possessing psychic abilities, in physical form we all are psychics. The only difference between those who recognize their gift and those that do not is time consuming effort to open up and listen to self. I know it sounds simple enough. But it is not as simple as we all would want it to be, I know. Listening to that ‘gut feeling’ can make us question our sanity a lot. Can also make us feel we ‘do not belong’ most of the time. There are various different factors why it is simple easier to just disconnect from that sense for our psychic abilities and just be physical beings.

But believe in psychic abilities or not, understand even or not, that does not mean they are not there. We all have it, but not all use it…
 Why so many closed it up is not really a mystery. Think of witch craft, think of pagans, and many more…all thought as the devil itself. In old times it was rather be quiet than dead. So it is to this day. Although acceptance of different people today is on a lot different level than in the days long before. And still after such huge change, there are still many that are afraid of psychic abilities. That is the reason many to this day do not know it in themselves, do not accept it even, or simply do not believe.

Different  senses of Psychic Abilities!

There are different senses of psychic abilities coming through the physical aspect that we are in this world. Some

Best Live Psychics

Best Live Psychics

are focused on vision, which comes in 3 forms. One is seeing the future, like watching the movie, the other would be getting that same movie in dream state, and there’s a third one, seeing the world with no limits between physical and energy aspect.

Than some are focused on hearing, energy around us exists with no limits as to space in between, which means that a spirit does not have to stand next to you to hear it’s words. Then there is smell and taste. Both work same as hearing, it comes and goes regardless of time or space in between, when u ask or think of a certain person or situation, it simply manifests, connecting your mind to associate with what you connect with smell or taste you are sensing.

And then there is a clear knowing. What is that? Well this is kind of hard to explain in words other than this, do you know sometimes when you listen to someone go on and on and on about some topic that concerns universe, energy, how world works or how manifestation is simple. And you just know that this is something you know already. Well that’s that.

For more information about psychic readings and how they are done please read this article.

Judy Nyssa Tanko

Judy Nyssa Tanko

Psychic Clairvoyant

Psychic Nyssa is a Psychic Clairvoyant. She’s been aware of her gift since she was 6. As you go into a reading she never knows what information is going to come forth, once you ask a question the flow starts happening and she will tell you all she sees, hears, senses etc.
Read more about Psychic Nyssa & Book her for a Reading.

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