Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on September 3rd
The astral sign of Virgo, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Jupiter – the philosopher, with birth stone of Sapphire

You are a very determined person, but until you are actually forced to take a stand and rise up to confrontational stage, you are most likely not going to be seen or heard in an appreciative way. You yourself however prefer gentler approach, rather than confrontational, as you are a firm believer in more progress through communication than combat in a sense. And you most often do achieve your goals through your preferred tactics, however others may find it ineffective due to lack of understanding of your iron will.

Your have an extremely independent and sharp mind, a highly developed sense of justice, determination to play it fair, but you also have a great sense for organizational skills. In a sense one would say you have the full package. You have a drive to reach excellence and it will most likely take you straight to success both in personal and professional life.

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Early in your life, just after your teen life, you become more aware of importance of relationships. Also your creativeness becomes more enhanced, and with many talents you have the potential to create novelties on the market. Unfortunately, you do not always know how to present it in your environment. So it will not be a single case when you take it for granted that others are on same wavelength as you are, when clearly they are not, even more they have no clue what you are talking about. Take your time, explain your thoughts and methods, allow people to understand.

Over time it is important for you to overcome your fears of failure and develop your self-confidence. No failure is a failure if you manage to learn from it. Once you find the balance you need you will find a way to implement novel ideas, and with your iron will you can influence advancement and progress.

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You seek excellence in every aspect of your life. Personal life definitely included. For that reason I might say you have your standards set quite high which also means you are not willing to compromise on just about anything. And with that said I would say you come across as quite uninterested in relationships or even seeming as if relationships are not your first priority. And that is not really the case. You just need to be a bit more opened with people and start dealing with self-doubt.


Very important part of your healthy lifestyle is your daily fresh air intake and exercise routine. Also regular time off, to refresh your mind. Healthy diet is also extremely important for you as well as avoiding any addictive substances. You are prone to digestive issues, which can be easily avoided by keeping active and maintaining good exercise routine as well as good mental breaks that help relax the body even further and help with optimal health goals.


Sport, science, engineering, even arts. No matter what you choose the one focus you have is to come up with solutions that will help benefit the entire world of people. You do however make a great manager, organizer or any kind of executive person given your outstanding organizational abilities. You may specifically be drawn to law, writing, education, even politic.

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