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The astral sign of Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Venus – the lover, with birth stone of Agate

You are extremely good communicator, you have a gift to tell things down to the last bit of detail of a heart matter or heaviest emotional perception if you will. You see every detail in the given situation, and comment on it gladly every time. You have the knowledge and information about human nature that gives you the upper hand in knowing what to look for.

You love to comment on everything and about everyone, and the most of the time relationships of others are the hot topic in your vocabulary. But you need to be extremely careful how you bring about topics like that, as they most certainly are most sensitive ones of all, so always think about your words so they do not come about as gossip.

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And as much as you love dissecting other people’s relationships and heart matters, you steer far clear of your own emotional discussions. But there is more to expressing your observations than just avoiding your own or coming across as gossipy person. The way you communicate can come across wrong in a manner where you would attract the wrong group of people’s fondness of you. Watch out for the sharp tongue or you may attract more.

There is a great way to avoid inconvenient behaviour of others in your vicinity just as well as being misunderstood. And that one little trick is called diplomacy. Learn it, use it, and enjoy it.

You go through many different stages of life preparing you for better set future. And mostly you find it challenging but fulfilling as long as you work for it in all the right ways. You do find your confidence and communication balance that serves you well after a point in time. But never loose your curiosity and observance in situations presented to you. Keep your positive outlook on things and it will keep you away from negativity in general but also criticism and getting you in trouble.

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Your approach to love can be much more like diplomatic ally game, where you like the person and just learn to play with words avoiding your emotions while your partner opens up their heart. Now to get your true colours out and be the loyal and loving person you are, you will eventually have to let your guard down and open up emotionally.


With your fast pace life a healthy diet filled with diversity is a great way to go, make sure to eat plenty of vitamins and minerals that will keep your immune system in check considering you wear yourself out a lot and might end up having cough or mild colds quite frequently. So needless to say you need to boost your immune system to the degree you can avoid the health inconveniences. Moderate exercise preferably on daily basis will help your body keep in shape and support diet. But most of all just get plenty of fresh air and figure out the routine that works best for you to get your mind clear and relaxed.


You have a lot to say and say it you will, so careers as writing for a paper or magazine – gossipy type, or even bit more on the serious side as journalist would fit you like a glove. But as you are outspoken and like the sound of your voice, and others like it as well you may also be very successful in careers as actor or singer or since we are speaking of artistic side of you, designer or photographer is right down your lane, for some of you even career as moviemaker. But you do have the serious side to you and once you incorporate diplomacy into your communicative skills you would make a great lawyer or politician.

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