Numerology Personality Traits and meanings in May
The astral sign of Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Emerald

You have a very specific, unique to yourself view of beauty, you do not like to conform to regulations of society. Your world is exactly that, yours, you like to create and sculpt it in your own unique way, with a careful detail oriented touch. Everything you do or say has a unique flair and that is how you leave a mark in this world.

You can take anything and make it appear as something absolutely different and unique. You love to turn everything into a big game of challenge. You have the tendency to dig deep and try and figure out the truth behind everything you encounter, but rather than listen and observe you tend to turn to your strong perceptive communication and stubbornness while if not agreed you will quite gladly run over any conventional thinker.

You can make the world around you a fun place for everyone around you, but you can also quite quickly get lost in your creative dreaming and drift into total isolation detaching from reality. Now as much as people like your fun approaches to things and your company, they do very much dislike your distance from real world and situations.

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You are born to be in a loving and devoted relationship, preferably with kids, you love to be around them, you make a perfect playdate. You make a relationship light and happy full of youthful energy. You do have a tendency though to remove yourself into isolation for periods of time when you focus on projects or work in general.


You are very sensitive to any changes in your health. In fact you get scared fairly quickly and tend to find the answers to vaguest of symptoms. Find a good diet that will support your immune system and the right vitamins to balance your hormones. Also a moderate and regular exercise on daily basis will benefit you greatly. Spend time outside on fresh air as much as you can and try and go about days as playful as you know. Same attitude applied to your health concerns will help your body & mind focused on great health.


As you really like digging for your own validation of what you know and want to know you may be drawn to careers in research or science. But since your mind is creative and absolutely unique, your career choices are most likely going to take you to business or artistic world – both directions however may also have greater success if working for yourself, or in positions where you can be dependent on yourself and work alone.

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