Numerology Personality Traits and meanings in July 2nd
The astral sign of Cancer, ruled by the planet Moon – the intuitive, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Pearl

You have great organizational skills which you have the ability to put in action, and with your imagination you have a great potential for success. Your emotional intensity may however get in the way of your ability to focus more on what brings you success.

Your intuition, your sensitivity is actually a quality that works in your advantage, allowing you to empathize with people around you, and connect to them on a very honest level. Less fortunate or people who experience injustice are in a way your motivation and drive for your natural justice to kick in and put you on the spot of speaking and protecting the the affected.

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You really like to put yourself out there and help where help in seeded. Your goal in a way is to make people feel like they are family. You love that feeling of connection. And despite your constant support to everyone around you and their genuine appreciation for you being there, you still have insecurities that prevent you from being able to accept the support and praise they deserve.

It is extremely important for your overall growth, that you take charge of your emotional insecurities and find a way to boost your self-esteem. And there are plenty of opportunities along the lines in your early years. Make sure you take advantage of the time you have to come to terms with yourself and know who you are. Do not try to avoid or ignore the opportunities, as result of such behaviour results in a very discriminating and demanding persona.

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You can be extremely heavy duty when it comes to love, mostly for your challenging insecurities. Your inability to believe in partner’s love for who you are actually makes it really hard on the partner, as they have to constantly reassure you of their feelings for you. But once you start trusting the person, the relationship is very rewarding for both of you as you make a devoted and romantic partner.


Your sensitivity can cause you stress, anxiety and has you on pins and needles, nervous the entire time. And just for that reason healthy diet and regular exercise is so very important it is hard to put emphasis on it. The light diet, with variety of fresh food, and adding vitamins your body needs will help keep your hormonal levels in balance, but also help boost your immune system. Regular exercise is not only important to help keep your body in shape but also to help release anxiety and nervousness. And much recommended walks in the park will replenish you with fresh air and help you relax and gather your thoughts or empty your mind.


Your sensitivity and ability to work with people sets you up for careers in psychiatry, counselling, some of you even nursing. But overall you are very artistic and have a need for self-expression, which may lead you in careers of writing, acting, music even. But there will also be a draw to some of you at least in more structured business waters, for example management, marketing, advertising, maybe even real estate.

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