Numerology Personality Traits and meanings in April
The astral sign of Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Mars – the warrior, with birth stone of Emerald

You are kind of an introvert, or so it would seem given your preference to discuss, create, acknowledge, resolve your well basically everything from smallest hick-up to biggest business idea in your head. A clever way to remove distractions of society while masterminding the next great project.

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You always have things going on and people find it fascinating, so in a way you are always in the view want it or not. But you are very self-sufficient and rely absolutely on your own skills, you will not be seeking for approvals or even opinions of others in any given situation.

Despite your introversive nature you show your true colours only when you get into a group setting where your abilities are shown and the amazement is absolutely unavoidable. You are always willing to offer help and have this great way about it. But you do tend to get quite frustrated when others are not as ready to help as you are, but don’t get too frustrated, not everyone is the same and there are some jewels in the group who will be worth your while.

Later on in life you want to spread your interest and tend to learn new things, new knowledge, new skills. You have a great potential to be successful as your innovative and creative mind is in constant overdrive. You just need to stay a bit more opened to what life has to offer for you in terms of matching it with your emotional needs. The tendency to run in your own world is very welcoming when it comes to visualizing and planning ahead but you know putting things into action is what makes thing actually work, so from that perspective your group of people that jogs your activity is most welcoming, besides you are making changes in their lives just by participating.

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You pair very well with someone who is extremely devoted to you, but also intelligent and resourceful. This is especially well placed relationship because you can grow spiritually and intellectually from having that security and trust in your partner and are never left in the dark but rather constantly stimulated to create new ideas and projects in life.


It is important for you to get moving your body, fit body makes for a very simple lifestyle you know. And I am not saying you need to join some gym or cycling club, as just simple long walks out in the nature will do. Especially since fresh air and walk are almost like this moderate meditation that you need to free your mind of all working thoughts in progress. It is a great way to empty your mind and avoid potential depression. At the end of the day exercise is not the only mandatory participant in your health life, you will also have to have a good diet plan, which is not to hard but that also will mean to steer as clear of nicotine and alcohol as possible, as they really do not help your active mind. Stay positive and laugh a lot, eat regularly and healthy food and make it a habit to walk every day and you will find your balance.


You are very good with technical stuff such as computers or engineering which would also make an excelling careers. But if you are more driven to be in service of society and help people you also have a great potential in careers of psychology, social work or even medicine.

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