Numerology Personality Traits and meanings in April
The astral sign of Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Venus – the lover, with birth stone of Emerald

You are a strong personality, meaning your presence is known wherever you come to, I guess it is just your imposing and radiant energy. You are this strong individual with a very intensely active nature that is so infectious it inspires and drives everyone around you to step a bit forward. Needless to say you are quite sure of where you are going and what you are doing.

When you are fully in your element you do not have to think twice, just your movement will push you right to achieving your goals. There is a bit of a warning attached to that aim though, you do not really take any consideration as to where you are going and how you will achieve it and that can sometimes sabotage your efforts. See quick out of focus decisions are not always the best step into unknown.

Your focus most of the time is only on the practical aspect of what you want to do, and you do it without thinking about it too much, so it is safe to say you will go head through the wall without any plans in place. And that is almost like lottery, there is equal possibility to succeed and make a name for yourself very early on or make a big mistake that will set you back a bit but eventually you will get it right.

You do not tend to connect to your spiritual side much when you aim and shoot for the successful goal early in life. And for that very reason you will most likely not look for actual faults in your advancing to what you want, but rather experience confusion and sense of loss.

Later on in life the approach on spirituality does change, not in a very deep and profound level, but intense enough to open you up to more ideas and new knowledge. You also drift much closer to your loved ones, as connecting with yourself does open up the need for emotional balance.

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You are very much in charge when it comes to your life in general, but when it comes to your love life you kind of seek out a partner who will take over the lead of your path together. Love and passion is something you need and want and you can allow it once you commit to a relationship.


You know healthy diet is important not only for physical but also mental health. And keeping track of your vitamin intake in order to keep your hormonal balance in check is important. Exercise should not be a problem, as you like the active life, the only thing you can find problems with is knowing when to stop. Learn to relax and find ways to detach from thoughts a bit more often to clear your mind.


You are quite versatile when it comes to choosing a career. Your interests are in business, science and art. But most likely the compassion for people and artistic drive will set you up for careers in art, acting or music, or when a bit more business oriented you may find self in actual set up of own business, law or even politics.

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