Numerology Personality Traits and meanings in April
The astral sign of Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Emerald

You have quite a strong sense of fair play when it comes to chasing your dreams, and even though you have hypnotic personality you will most likely not use that to your advantage. You also are hungry for success and will see to realization of your set goals.

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You look for inspiration everywhere around you and once you find it, there is no stopping you on the way. You are very sociable, but also sensitive, so there is this thin line between your willingness to be in company of others but at same time the need for your private life as well. And one does sustain the other in a way where you are in a need for physical touch, after all you are quite a touchy person who will be the first to hug and kiss when that is possible. But due to your sensitivity will experience mood-swings when emotional balance is not met.

Your determination does serve you well, once you set your mind to something, nothing will be able to stand in your way and that is once again the quality that dictates success, not only in professional area of your life but in absolutely general outlook. Your clear vision of your goal and the drive with it can however inspire criticism, which you have a hard time accepting. You are not very opened to other people’s opinion on ways and thoughts you are approaching your projects with. Which is fine, as long as you steer clear of retreating to fantasy world just to make it all disappear.

Learn to keep an open mind, and even if you can not accept and incorporate other people’s opinions, at least listen to them. It will be easier for other people to perceive you as bit more approachable rather than arrogant.

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You are totally touchy and feely person. You have this need to show your affection, especially physically. Once you find the perfect match for you you make a loving, romantic, understanding and deeply sensual partner. You enjoy the busy life of combining both worlds professional and personal and share it with your “the one”.


You really need to put a lot of attention to what is healthy and what not, overindulging in sugary foods is an absolute bad idea for you. Find alternative ways to satisfy your sweet-tooth, you know some fruits and vegetables can replace it quite nicely. Do not forget to add vitamin supplements to your diet to better keep your immune system in good state. But do not forget an exercise routine a day will help keep your physical body in shape as well, which is extremely important for you.


Your natural leadership skills will serve you well in careers such as managers or entrepreneur, but your communication and drive will take you far in careers as manager or consultant as well. Your sensitivity and creativity can be a great fit for careers in entertainment business as well. And if non of the above is to your liking I can also tell you you would do great working for yourself, setting up your own business tailored to your own liking and ambition. After all you have a good sense of what fits you best and visualizing it certainly helps creating the reality.

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