W – Washing to Whispering

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To dream that you are washing yourself signifies a pride in your appearance and the opinions of others.


If you dream about a watch it can imply a concern that you think time could be detrimental to your plans.


To dream of clear water indicates that you enjoy joyful prosperity and exquisite pleasure. If the water is muddy sorrow and misery are implied. Watching children playing in water is considered a good sign.


To dream that you are wealthy indicates you energetically apply yourself to everything you do and expect to be richly rewarded. If you see others that are wealthy it implies you have roll models that influence your decisions.


To see a weasel is a sign to beware of the friendships of new acquaintances.


Dreaming about a wedding is a sign of starting a new and wonderful life. A wedding is usually thought of as a beginning for a couple and the start of a new life. Dreams about weddings are considered to be a good omen.


Weeping in your dreams indicates disturbances and problems are present within your family. To see others weeping implies you are aware of problems your friends are experiencing and have sympathy for them.

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Dreaming that you receive a warm and joyous welcome from new acquaintances indicates you feel fortunate about your new position in life.


To dream that you are wet is a sign of rejection from an acquaintance or friend.


To dream of seeing a whale is the sign of a struggle between personal pleasures and performing required duties is on your mind


Seeing fields of yellow wheat growing in your dream is considered to be a sign of prosperity.  It indicates encouraging prospects for your future endeavors.  It can also imply an encouraging outlook for your love life.


To see wheels in your dream is a sign of successful business pursuits and implies encouraging movement towards domestic bliss.


Drinking whisky alone indicates loneliness and a lack of friends.  To drink with friends is a sign of celebration over successful endeavors.  To dream of whisky in bottles denotes a tendency to carefully protect your property and personal interests.


To dream of whispering indicates that you are disturbed by gossip and untruths that apply to you.

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