T – Table to Terror

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Dreaming about a table that is set with fine china and deluxe silverware indicates happy unions and prosperous circumstances. To see an empty table indicates poverty and distress. To see a broken table in your dream is considered to be bad luck.


Talking in your dream indicates that you are taking charge of the situation. If you hear others talking it implies you are the target of malicious gossip.


To dream of a tank indicates you are satisfied far more than your wildest expectations.


To dream of tape indicates your work has been difficult and unprofitable. Buying tape is considered to be a sign of misfortune.


To dream of seeing deluxe tapestry indicates a desire for luxurious living.


Dreaming you are getting a tattoo indicates you feel friends and associates are jealous of you.


To dream that you are paying taxes implies that you are responsible and honest. If you are unable to pay your taxes, it indicates failure and unfortunate circumstances are making life difficult.


To dream that you are brewing tea is an indication you expect to be entertaining visitors. To see yourself drinking tea with friends and family implies social affairs are important.

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To find yourself teasing another person in your dream indicates you are in a joyful and zany mood in this dream.    If others are teasing you it implies they consider you to be understanding and cordial.


Dreaming about teeth is not considered to be a good dream.  Any dream with teeth as the theme will usually indicate problems.  If you dream that your teeth are decayed and ugly, it indicates depression and low self esteem.  To dream that you have false teeth signifies that problems you were struggling with have been solved.  If you see other people with decaying or rotten teeth it implies you do not trust that person.  Seeing a person with crooked and broken teeth implies you are afraid of that person.


Dreaming about receiving a telegram usually indicates you are expecting to hear important news.  If you are sending a telegram, it indicates you feel it necessary to inform friends and family of impending problems.


To dream of using a telescope implies planets and stars could play an important part in your future.  Seeing a broken telescope indicates expected problems in the near future.


If a landlord sees his tenant in a dream it denotes trouble and expenses are a concern.   If a tenant pays you money it implies you will be successful in some engagements.


To dream of being in a tent indicates you feel the need for shelter and protection.   To see a group of tents denotes good times with close companions.


To dream that you are feeling terror indicates disappointments with friends are seriously affecting you.

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