S – Saddle to Scissors

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To dream of saddles indicates you are expecting pleasant news and welcome visitors. You have also probably been planning a trip which you expect to prove advantageous for your finances.


Dreaming about a safe is a sign that security for your business has become a major concern. If you are trying to open a safe, but are unable to so, implies worries that a future plan may fail.


Dreaming about sailing on smooth calm waters during a bright sunny day indicates you are having very few problems reaching your goals. Traveling at a crisp rate with full sails implies you are successful and ahead of your competitors.


To dream of seeing sailors is a sign of long and exciting journeys.


To dream of eating salad indicates thoughts about health and fitness.


Dreaming of salmon is considered to be a good omen and is said to bring good luck. If you see salmon swimming up a cool clear stream it indicates good health and a prosperous future.


Salt is an indication that everything in your life is going awry. Quarrels and disagreements are usually present in a dream that has salt as its theme.


Dreaming you receive merchandise samples is a sign someone is trying to influence your decision.

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Sand Dunes

Sand dunes represent endless challenges await you that will require much thought and ingenuity.


Dreaming about Satan implies dangerous adventures and risky investments that will require strategic action on your part.  It is said to imply promiscuous and questionable friendships are suspected.


To dream of making sausage is a sign of successful projects and profitable undertakings.


To dream you are using a hand saw indicates a happy and cheerful home life and an energetic personality.  If you are carrying a saw it implies that you are burdened with many responsibilities.


To dream of a scaffold denotes disappointment with the object of your affections.  If you should fall from one it indicates you have been surprised with recent rejections.


If you dream of being scalded it indicates distressing incidents have been occupying your time.


To dream you are weighing yourself on a scale indicates a concern about your health and weight is weighing heavy on your mind.


To dream that you are involved in a scandal indicates a concern about your recent behavior.


Dreaming about scissors is considered to be a bad omen and indicates jealous and distrustful feelings about friends or family.

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