S – Sponges to Syringe

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Sponges seen in a dream are a sign of deception. All of the signs in the dream must be examined carefully to interpret the meaning of a dream with a sponge in it.


Using a spoon in a dream is a favorable sign of advancement. It can also indicate contentment and happiness in domestic affairs.


To dream that spies are harassing you indicates you are uneasy because of dangerous quarrels.


Dreaming that you see squirrels indicate you are expecting dear and pleasant friends to visit soon.


To see yourself on a stage indicates a desire to capture the attention of friends or family.


Walking upstairs is a sign of success and in your endeavors. If you are walking down the stairs it implies failure and bad luck.


Dreaming you are starving is a sign of unfruitful labors and dissatisfaction with your present position in life.


To see statues in dreams signifies you are estranged from your friends and family.


Feeling an insect sting in a dream denotes unhappiness and ominous conditions.

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Seeing and hearing a storm approach indicates sickness and unfavorable health.  If the storm is far away it implies you are only slightly concerned.


Dreaming about strawberries is considered to be a favorable dream.  To see strawberries in a dream is said to indicate advancement in your career.


To dream that you are walking down a street alone is a sign of despair and depression.  If the street is dark and foreboding it indicates you see a desperate and dismal future for yourself.


To dream of sugar indicates you are stubborn and difficult to please.  It can be a sign that you are having difficult times in your domestic life.  To eat sugar in your dreams signifies many unpleasant matters to contend with


A clear bright sun shiny day signifies joyous events and much promise for the future.  To see the sun high in the sky implies your long awaited goals have been achieved.   To see the sun break out through the clouds denotes you are immerging from the crowd and achieving prosperity.


To walk through a swamp indicates you are experiencing many adverse circumstances in your personal life.


Dreaming about beautiful white swans swimming on the water indicates prosperous and delightful experiences.


Swimming in your dream is a sign of self satisfaction and a desire to participate in the pleasures of life.


Dreaming about a syringe indicates you feel healthy and in a position to maintain, and take care of your physical condition.

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