S – Shower to Spitting

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Dreaming that you are in a shower is a sign you are enjoying exquisite and luxurious experience.


Your ambitions are being satisfied if you are wearing silk clothes in your dream.


To dream of silver is an indication to be cautious of making hasty decisions.


To hear singing in your dreams indicates you have many happy and joyous friends. You have a cheerful spirit if you hear singing in your dreams.


To dream of seeing a skeleton indicates a fear of receiving an injury from an unscrupulous person. If you are the skeleton in your dream it indicates you are worrying needlessly. If you imagine that a skeleton is haunting you it signifies financial difficulties.


To dream that you are slandered indicates a fear that untrue rumors are hurting your reputation.


To dream of slippers is an indication that you are entering into an unfortunate alliance.


Dreaming about smoke implies you are perplexed with many doubts and fears. Seeing smoke in your dream can also indicate you feel danger is at hand.

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Snakes are a symbol of evil, and dreaming about a snake is considered a bad omen.  If you see a snake in your dream it usually indicates you fear that an acquaintance means to cause you harm.  If you kill the snake it indicates you have overcome your adversary.


Seeing snails crawling in your dream indicate the conditions are unhealthy.   If you step on them it signifies you are associating with disagreeable people.


Dreaming about snow is considered to be a good omen.  If you dream the snow is falling all around you and sticking to the trees and buildings, it indicates success and happiness.  If you are eating snow in your dream it implies you do not pay enough attention to details.  To see dirty snow indicates disappointments in your personal life.


To dream of soap implies you feel it necessary to clean up and repair your business affairs.


Seeing soldiers in your dream is an indication of flagrant excesses.  If you see wounded soldiers it is a sign of sadness and misfortune.


To dream of a sorcerer signifies that your life is going through many changes and disappointments.


Dreaming about a sparrow is an indication you are being surrounded with love and attention.  It implies you are also a good listener and compassionate person.


Seeing spiders in your dreams is usually considered to be a good omen because spiders eat annoying insects.  If you see a tarantula however, it is considered to be a sign of danger.


Dreaming about spitting is a sign of an unhappy termination of a long friendship due to an unfortunate misunderstanding.

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