S – Scorpion to Shovel

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If you dream about a scorpion it indicates that you fear a friend is attempting to undermine your reputation. Scorpions are considered to be a sign of an impending attack from an unexpected source.

Scrap Book

It is believed that if you dream about a scrap book it indicates you are associating with some disagreeable acquaintances.


To dream of seeing screws indicate you have many minor and tedious tasks that need to be done.


Dreaming about a sculptor indicates you are considering changing your job to a less lucrative, but more distinguished one.


To dream about seals denotes that you are working hard to improve your position in life.


If someone in your dream takes your seat it implies you are being tormented by someone in your life, and are not sure how to handle it.


To dream of a seed is a sign of increasing prosperity, and that you feel is attainable by starting from the beginning.


Dreaming about sewing indicates you yearn for a more domestic lifestyle.

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Shaking Hands

To shake hands in a dream indicates you feel it helps gain friendships with strangers and secure your positions with current associates and friends.


To dream of a shanty implies decreasing prosperity and a concern about your financial situation.


To dream of sharks indicates you are embarking on a project in unfamiliar territory that you feel could be dangerous.


To dream of seeing a sheriff denotes that you are uneasy over changes you have recently made in your lifestyle.  To dream that you are elected sheriff denotes that you are participating, or would be interested in participating, in a community program.


To dream of ships indicates a desire to travel and visit foreign countries. If you are on a ship during a tempestuous storm it implies that you are unfortunate in business transactions.


Dreaming that you are putting on your shirt is a sign that you have estranged yourself from your friends and family.   To lose your shirt implies disgrace in business or love.  If your shirt is torn it represents misfortune and miserable surroundings.


Shoes that are worn and ragged are a sign of going through tough times with your business affairs.  New shiny shoes indicate being involved in exciting and profitable investments.  If your shoes are stolen it signifies a major personal loss.


Dreaming about a shotgun is a sign of domestic problems and family disagreements.


To see a shovel in your dream indicates a period of pleasant but difficult work.  A broken shovel is a sign of frustration and lost hope.

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