R – Rabbit to Rake

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Dreaming about rabbits is a favorable dream and indicates good fortune in business. Seeing white rabbits is a sign of success and happiness in your love life. It can also indicate that children play a large part in your life.


To dream of a raccoon indicates deception by a family member or friend. It can imply that others are deceiving you and you must be alert concerning your affairs.


Dreaming that you are in a race indicates others aspire to win things you possess or are working for. If you win the race it implies you have overcome your adversaries.


To see radishes in your dream is considered to be a good omen. If you are eating them it indicates favorable associations with business associates. To plant radishes is said to bring good fortune.


If you dream of raffling any item it indicates that risky investments you have made are in danger of failing. It can indicate that you have been a victim of dishonest speculation.


To dream you are floating on a raft that you have built yourself indicates you feel successful due to hard work and diligence. Floating on a raft signifies uncertain but successful journeys.

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Dreaming that you are in a rage is a sign that you are having major problems in your business or personal life, and are venting in your dream.  If you are watching others in a rage it implies you are aware that friends or family are struggling, but all you can do is watch.


If you dream of a railroad it indicates you’re concerned about business affairs and feel you need to pay closer attention to them.  To see an obstruction on the tracks implies foul play may be involved in your business.  If you are walking down railroad tracks it implies successfully handling your financial affairs.


Walking leisurely in a rain shower is usually an indication of pleasurable and peaceful conditions.  If you are caught in a large rain storm and cannot find shelter it indicates you are alarmed and concerned over a large undertaking.  If you are sitting in your home watching the rain come down through your window, it indicates you feel protected from the dangers of the outside world.


Seeing a rainbow in a dream is a sign that unusual and beautiful conditions and opportunities are happening in your life.


To dream of eating raisins indicates discouraging and disappointing incidents have caused you to make major changes in your plans.


Dreaming about using a rake is an indication you feel that some work will never be done to your satisfaction unless you do it yourself.  Seeing a broken rake is considered a bad omen and indicates tragic and difficult times.

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