R – Rival to Rust

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To dream you have a rival indicates you have been slow in asserting your rights and have lost favor with some associates. If you feel that a rival has outwitted you it implies you have been negligent in your affairs.


Seeing a clear and fast running river indicates you are taking advantage of your success and are enjoying many delightful pleasures. If the waters are muddy or stagnant it implies there are disagreements and jealous confrontations in your life.


Traveling over a rough and bumpy road indicates progress towards your goals is fraught with hardships and problems. If the road is smooth with beautiful scenery it indicates you are making steady and profitable progress toward your goals in life.


Dreaming you are climbing steep rocks indicates many struggles and disappointments.


Finding yourself on a roof in your dream indicates you have reached a successful position in your life. If you are frightened and afraid of falling it implies you are not fully entrenched in your position yet. To build a roof is said to mean your fortune will rapidly increase.


To dream of a rooster is usually a sign of success and prominence. If you see roosters fighting it indicates problems and altercations with your rivals are imminent.


Dreaming about seeing the roots of plants or trees indicate your business is in a state of decline and misfortune.

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When you dream about ropes it can mean many completely different things.  If you are climbing a rope it indicates you are overcoming obstacles and making progress in your affairs.  To descend a rope implies disappointment, despair and failure.


Dreaming about roses is usually considered to be a very good dream and is associated with happy occasions.    To dream that you are given a rose implies you are admired by someone who cares deeply about you.  Smelling the sweet aroma of the rose indicates happiness and contentment.


Dreaming you are in a rowboat with others indicates you enjoy the company of friends and associates.  Should the rowboat capsize, it can imply financial losses are feared.


Dreaming about rubbish is said to indicate that you manage your affairs badly.


To dream of a ruby indicates good luck in business and investment speculations.


To dream of a rudder indicates thoughts about making a long and pleasant journey.  It is also a sign that you are about to make many new friends and acquaintances.   A broken rudder implies sickness and ill health.


To dream of drinking rum indicates a taste for warm and sunny vacation destinations.


Dreaming about running with other people indicates you enjoy the company of others who share the same principles as your own.


To dream that you have articles that are rusting is a sign of depression and major disappointment with your surroundings.

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