R – Resign to Riot

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To dream that you resign any position signifies that you are not satisfied with your business or personal life and are looking for change.


To dream of taking revenge indicates that you have suppressed anger and are looking for a way to vent.


Dreaming you attend a religious revival indicates family disturbances and unprofitable engagements.


To dream about a revolver indicates you are harboring a subconscious fear of something or someone. Carefully examine the theme of this dream when interpreting it.


To have rheumatism causing you pain indicates unexpected delays and disappointments with future plans.


To dream of rhinestones indicate disappointments in recent financial investments. It can also indicate that a relationship is not all that you believe it is.


Dreaming about rhubarb is believed to indicate pleasant and entertaining associations. To eat it indicates dissatisfaction with your present lifestyle.

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Dreaming of eating ribs implies misery and poverty.


Seeing ribbons floating or waving in the wind signifies celebrations and pleasant times.  Seeing packages with colorful ribbons on them indicates a special occasion is near.


Rice is considered a healthy and staple food that feeds many people throughout the world, and is good to have in a dream.  To eat it signifies domestic comfort and happiness.  If you dream about growing rice it indicates promised prosperity.


To dream that you are rich indicates you feel constant exertion and attention to affairs will cause you to rise to a position of wealth.


Dreaming that you are trying to solve riddles denotes confusion and dissatisfaction with your position in life.


Dreaming that you are riding is considered a bad omen and is unlucky for business or personal pleasure.  If you ride slowly it indicates unsatisfactory results with all of your undertakings. Riding fast can signify prosperity, but under hazardous conditions.


To dream of wearing rings indicates that all of your enterprises will be successful.   A broken ring implies unhappiness and dissatisfaction with your personal relationships.


Dreaming about a riot is a sign of an unsatisfactory and disappointing lifestyle.

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