R – Rape to Rescue

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Dreaming about rape is a very disturbing dream and one you should be very concerned about. To dream that you are the person being raped indicates you have some sincere and real fears for your safety. If you are watching someone else getting raped it implies you have those fears for a friend or associate. You need to examine conditions in your waking state to discover what may have caused you to have this type of dream.


To see raspberries in a dream indicates entanglements in your personal life have been overbearing and difficult for you.


Seeing rats in your dream indicate jealous associates are working to diminish your accomplishments. Dreaming about rats is always a bad sign and implies you are concerned that your associates are not always completely honest with you. (See Back Biting)


Reading in your dream indicates work that appears difficult, challenges and inspires you to excel in whatever you undertake.


Dreaming about attending a reception denotes pleasant engagements and enjoyable gatherings of friends.

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The theme of the dream definitely indicates why you see the color red in a dream.  Red can stand for anger and frustration, and indicate your need to keep tempers under control.  Red also indicates passion and can pertain to many things in your dream.  A very dark red is considered to be a good omen and implies good news is expected.


Seeing a reindeer indicates you are a staunch defender of your friends and associates.  It also signifies you feel strongly that your ability to successfully discharge your duties defines your character.


Dreaming that you are renting a house indicates new contracts could be signed that will prove profitable.


Dreaming that you receive a reprieve for past indiscretions indicate that you have overcome some difficulty that was causing you anxiety.


Seeing a reptile in your dream indicates trouble of a serious nature.  If you are attacked by a reptile it indicates the trouble could be yours.  If you succeed in killing the reptile it implies you have overcome your obstacles.  Seeing a dead reptile come back to life denotes that previously settled disputes are being renewed with bitter animosity.


Dreaming you have been rescued from danger indicates your misfortunes are over and the future is brighter.   If you rescue another it implies you are expecting to be honored for some recent activity.

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