P – Pagoda to Pastry

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Seeing a pagoda in your dreams indicates you have been considering a long desired journey. Riding in a pagoda implies joyous and adventurous thoughts.


To dream of a pail that is full indicates prosperity and success. Empty pails indicate hard times and poor prospects.


To dream that you are in pain indicates you are punishing yourself for something you have done in the past. Dreams about pain rarely pertain to anything you are currently experiencing. To see others in pain implies you may be making mistakes that could cause others harm.

Paint and Painting

To see a newly painted room or house denotes a project or plan has been successful. Having paint on your clothing indicates thoughtfulness on your part and criticisms from others. To dream of seeing a beautiful painting indicates pleasures you desire have been illusive.


To dream of being a pall-bearer indicates you feel a friend or associate is in need of your assistance.

Palm Tree

Palm trees seen in your dreams indicate happiness and cheerful situations. Rows of palm trees are an indication of wealth and fortune. Seeing a palm tree standing alone is considered a bad omen.


To dream of eating pancakes is a sign of success in all your enterprises. If you are cooking pancakes it indicates you have economical and thrifty habits.

What is my Lucky Number


Dreaming you are in paradise indicates a desire for pleasant and comfortable conditions, and this dream implies bright hopes for you.  To dream you are in paradise and then lose your way indicates a promising enterprise you have undertaken has been disappointing.


Dreaming about paralysis is considered a bad dream and indicates disappointment and sorrow.


Dreaming that a parcel is delivered to you indicates you are hoping to be pleasantly surprised soon.  If you are delivering a parcel it indicates you have an unpleasant task to do.


The theme of the entire dream will play a large part in this dream.  If your parents are happy and cheerful it would indicate your family relationships are harmonious and good.  The opposite would be true if they are frowning, arguing, or very sad.  A dream about your parents usually is a reflection of your own personal feelings.


Dreaming about walking through a park indicates peaceful contentment and enjoyable leisure.


Parrots in your dreams are a sign of frivolous gossiping and devious intentions.  Parrots are not considered to be a good sign in a dream.


To dream of forming a partnership with another person indicates uncertain and fluctuating monetary affairs.


Partridges seen in your dreams indicate that conditions are good for the accumulation of property. To kill one  signifies that you have ambitious expectations.


To dream of pastry denotes that you believe you have been deceived by a flamboyant and deceitful person.

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