P – Pies to Pyramid

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To dream of eating pies indicates you feel like flirting. Teasing and flirting is associated with pies in any dream.


Dreaming about fat healthy pigs indicates reasonable success in your affairs. If they are wallowing in mud it suggests hurtful gossip about your close associates.


To dream of a pillow indicates luxury and comfort and encouraging prospects for the future.


To dream that you have pimples indicates a fear of being embarrassed in front of friends. If you see others with pimples on them it signifies that you are troubled about the illness and complaints of others.

Pine Tree

Dreaming about a pine tree in indicates having unvarying success in any undertaking.


To dream of pirates indicates that you suspect some friends have evil designs and are not truly your friend. If you dream that you are a pirate it denotes your unworthiness and deceitfulness.


If you are looking into a deep pit in your dream it indicates you are running unnecessary risks in your business ventures. To fall into a pit indicates carelessness and sorrow. To dream that you are descending deep into a pit indicates you will knowingly risk health and fortune for greater success.


To dream of a pitcher indicates you have a generous and congenial disposition and success will reward your efforts.

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Dreaming about poison is considered to be a bad omen.  If you are fed poison in your dream it indicates you are reliving some painful experience.  If you are using poison on another it implies you are having guilty thoughts and unpleasantness is surrounding you.  If you see a rival is poisoned it indicates you easily overcome obstacles.


If the police are trying to arrest you for a crime which you did not commit it would indicate you feel you are being treated unfairly.


Seeing a pony in your dream indicates your moderate speculative investments will be rewarded with success.


To dream of a porch denotes that you are interested in engaging in a new undertaking, and the future will be full of uncertainties.


Seeing a porcupine in your dreams indicate you disapprove of any new enterprise and do not want  new friendships.

Post Office

Dreaming about a post office is said to be a sign of unpleasant experiences and bad luck generally.


Dreaming about potatoes denotes success and prosperity.  To dream of eating them implies you will enjoy substantial gains.


To dream you are in  a procession indicates you fear the  fulfillment of your objectives and you will fall short of your expectations.   If it is a funeral procession you fear sorrow is fast approaching.


Dreaming that you own vast amounts of property indicates you feel successful in you business and personal life.


To see a pump in a dream indicates that ingenuity and hard work will produce your desired results.  To see a broken pump signifies you are having difficulties reaching your goals.


To dream of puppies denotes that you enjoy the pleasure of new friendships.


To dream of pyramids denotes that many changes are taking place.  If you are walking inside a pyramid it implies you are looking forward to these changes.  Looking at the pyramid from a distance indicates hesitation on your part to accept the changes.

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