P – Patch to Picnic

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Dreaming that you have patches on your clothing indicates you are in misery and pain.


Dreaming that you are walking on a narrow and rough path with many obstructions indicates you are encountering a lot of adversity in your business


If your dream revolves around a pawn shop it indicates disappointing experiences. If you are pawning something it implies unpleasant disappointments in your personal life.


Dreaming of seeing or eating peaches is said to be a bad omen and not a good sign in your dreams.


To dream of pearls is an indication of good business and pleasurable social affairs.


Dreaming about pears indicates pleasant surprises and a promising future. To preserve them signifies you are thrifty and wise.


To dream of eating pecans indicate your dearest plans have proven to be prosperous.


Dreaming about pelicans is a sign that changes are taking place. To see them flying implies the changes will not be good ones.

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To dream of pencils indicate favorable occupations and business. Seeing a pencil in your dream is said to indicate everything is going well in your business.


Dreaming about a penitentiary denotes you are having unfortunate losses that cannot be recovered.


To dream of pennies signifies small losses and failures.  To count them indicates unsatisfactory pursuits.


To dream of smelling perfume is a sign of happy incidents and good times.  To spill perfume implies the loss of something very dear to your. For a young woman to receive perfume as a gift indicates she will experience fascinating but dangerous pleasures.


To dream that you are perspiring indicates you are coming out of a difficult situation that has caused you much grief.


To dream of being worried about a pest indicates disturbing elements are prevailing, and you have some concerns about your future.


Dreaming of pheasants is a good omen and signifies good fellowship among friends and associates.   To eat one indicates jealousy of some friends.


To dream of a piano indicates joyful occasions.  Hearing music being played on a piano signifies success and health.


To dream of pickles denotes worthless pursuits have been common, and an un-ambitious career. Sour or spoiled pickles indicate disappointing engagements and love affairs.


Dreaming you are attending a picnic with friends indicates enjoyment and happiness.  If you are on a picnic with your lover it implies close bonds.

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