O – Old Man, or Woman to Oysters

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Old Man, or Woman

To dream of seeing an old man or woman indicates you feel unhappy and depressed in this dream.


To see omelet being served in your dream indicates you feel you are being flattered and admired. To eat one indicates you feel worthy of the confidence someone has in you.


Dreaming about attending an opera denoted you will be entertaining congenial friends soon.


Dreams about an operation indicate you are expecting a drastic lifestyle change. The theme of the dream indicates the type of change you expect. To watch an operation implies you will soon hear news from a family member or a friend.


To see an orchard of healthy and colorful orange trees that are bearing ripe fruit is a sign of good health and prosperity.

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Belonging to an orchestra and playing an instrument in one, indicates a deep and sincere appreciation of music.  To hear the music of an orchestra signifies peaceful and happy surroundings.


If you dream of playing harmonious music on an organ it indicates you have been fortunate in worldly comforts and social distinction.


It is said that dreaming of an ostrich indicates wealth and good fortune.


Dreaming you are baking in an oven indicates you are loved for your good and unselfish nature by your family and friends.


Dreaming you are looking for an overcoat to wear, indicates the desire to cover something up that you are ashamed of.


Dreaming about an owl implies you are thinking about higher education.  An owl represents wisdom and education, and a dream with an owl in it usually implies a desire to achieve more wisdom.


If you dream that you eat oysters it indicates you enjoy all the different and exciting aspects of life.

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