N – Nails to Newspaper

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If you are working with nails in a dream it indicates you will work hard to achieve your goals. Seeing rusty or bent nails is a sign of bad luck and illness in the family.


If you amongst other people and are naked in your dream, it indicates you have a fear of being embarrassed. There could be many reasons for the embarrassment, and the theme of the dream should indicate the reason. If you are hiding and afraid to expose yourself because you are naked it implies you are not comfortable with your surroundings or friends in the dream. If you are naked in your dream but are alone it signifies you are confident and comfortable with yourself.


Dreaming about a napkin is usually an indication you are expecting to entertain some friends or acquaintances. To see dirty or used napkins is a sign you are afraid that you will be humiliated at an affair you plan on attending. Seeing beautifully designed and displayed dinner napkins is said to be a sign you have a healthy and happy personal relationship or marriage.


Dreaming that you are in the navy indicates a desire for unusual travel and adventure. If you are sailing on a ship as part of the crew it indicates you like being part of a team and having everything well organized. If you are part of a shabby Navy crew it indicates you are disappointed in yourself for some reason.


To dream that you are nearsighted and only able to see what is very close to you, indicates you fear what lies ahead in your future. It usually implies that you focus on your short term accomplishments but do not prepare for the future.


Dreaming that you see your own neck indicates you feel family problems are about to arise. To admire the neck of another person implies you are unhappy with your relationship and looking for a new one. Seeing a person with a very thick neck signifies someone has become quarrelsome and angry with you.

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When a woman dreams she is given a necklace it is an indication she feels loved and admired, and it is considered a good omen.  If you lose a necklace in your dream it implies you have been careless and foolish in matters concerning your personal relationship.


If you are using a needle in your dream it indicates you worry over frivolous things.  If you are having a hard time threading the needle it implies you are finding it difficult to make an important decision.


Dreaming about a neighbor can be a contrary dream.  If you get along well with the neighbor it can indicate you are content with your surroundings.  If you have recently had problems with your neighbor it implies you are unhappy and considering making changes in your living conditions.  To dream of having a good neighbor is considered to be a good omen.


Dreaming about a nephew indicates a close family relationship is important to you.  If the nephew is sad in your dream it implies you have been having family disagreements.


Seeing a bird’s nest in your dream is usually a good sign and signifies a prosperous future.  To see birds in the nest implies you have a happy and healthy family.  If the nest is empty however, it can indicate you have been sad or concerned about the loss of a family member.


Dreaming about any type of a net indicates you feel the need to capture or contain something or someone who has been making life difficult for you or your family.


The theme of the dream would obviously determine the type of news you receive.  Good news indicates you are at peace with yourself, and bad news would indicate the opposite.  To hear good news in a dream that is not a happy one, indicates you have a positive and healthy attitude and denotes that you will be fortunate in your affairs.


To dream you are reading a newspaper indicates a thirst for information and is usually considered a favorable dream.  A desire to keep informed about what is happening around you and in your world is indicated if you see a newspaper in your dream.  Reading a newspaper can also indicate a concern about your reputation.

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