M – Machinery to Marriage

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To dream of machinery denotes you are considering a project using some type of machinery that you expect to be profitable.

Mad Dog

Dreaming about a mad dog indicates an underlying fear of animals and a belief they can get out of control.


To dream you are a magician and are performing magic tricks indicates a desire to surprise and entertain people. It implies you enjoy the excitement of mystery and deception. If you are watching someone else practicing this art it indicates you have a curious nature. This type of magic pertains to magic tricks that are illusions and should not be confused with spiritualism or sorcery.


Maggots are considered dirty and unhealthy, and when they are in your dream it indicates you are repulsed by something or someone. The maggots are a symbol, and you must search your dream carefully for other signs that will help you interpret what you are repulsed by.


To dream of a magistrate indicates you are being harassed or threatened by a lawsuit that could endanger your business or financial position. It can also imply that you are threatening a lawsuit against someone.


To dream of a magnet denotes that you are being influenced by others. It can imply you are being drawn into a situation where it will require you to defend someone.

Magnifying Glass

Looking through a magnifying glass in your dreams indicate you are getting a distorted view of whatever is on your mind or in your dream.


Dreaming you entertain malice against someone indicates you lose your temper too easily. It implies you are having a disagreement with an associate or friend which may have gotten out of hand.


Dreaming that you are holding a mallet indicates you feel acquaintances or associates have been treating you with disdain.


If a woman dreams about a man it indicates she is looking for companionship and love. For a man to have this dream implies he feels challenged by another man because of a disagreement.

What is my Lucky Number


Dreaming about poorly mannered people indicates you are experiencing difficulties with someone you have little control over.


Dreaming you own a mansion indicates a belief that you have reached your goals and have been successful.  If you are looking at the mansion from a distance it signifies you have not yet reached your goals but believe you are close.  If you are in a mansion and it is cold, damp and dreary it indicates success is not all you thought it would be and you are disappointed with your position in life.


Dreaming about manure is considered to be a favorable omen.  It is said to indicate a rise in fortune.


To dream about a manuscript that is not yet finished indicates you are disappointed in yourself for some reason.  If the manuscript is finished and well written, it implies you have confidence in yourself and great hopes for your future.


To dream of a marble indicates financial success and a happy social life.  If you dream of a broken piece of marble it indicates you are having a disagreement with a friend or family member.


To dream of the month of March indicates you have been disappointed in business or with your financial situation.


To dream of seeing mares in a pasture implies you have been successful in a business deal of some sort and are pleased with yourself.


Dreaming about marigolds is always a good sign in a dream and denotes contentment and peace should be your goals in life.


To dream that you are in a market indicates you are thrifty and well organized in everything you do.  If you see yourself in an empty market there has recently been sorrow in your life and you are looking to make things better.


To dream about a marriage indicates a desire to start a new and wonderful life.  Marriage is usually thought of as a beginning for a couple and the start of a new family, and is considered a good omen in a dream.

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