M – Milk to Mystery

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We have been taught since childhood that milk is good for your health. If you are drinking milk in your dream it indicates a tendency to think of your health at all times. To see milk in large quantities is said to signify riches and good health. If the milk you are drinking in your dream tastes sour it implies you are disturbed over problems your friends are having. Dreaming about bathing in milk is said to indicate you are pampering yourself.


To dream of being in a mine indicates a fear of failure and danger in your life is bearing heavily on your mind.


To dream of seeing a minister indicates a feeling that some unfortunate changes are about to happen in your life.


To dream of seeing yourself in a mirror indicates you are distressed and disappointment in yourself. To see a broken mirror implies you have been involved in some violent behavior


To dream that you are enveloped in a mist indicates you feel uncertain about your future. If the mist clears away slowly it implies your uncertainty will be short lived.


Dreaming about mistletoe indicates it is a time to rejoice and be happy.


To dream of molasses is a sign you have been extended favors and pleasant hospitality, and expect to receive more surprises.


Dreaming about finding money indicates you have small worries but a generally happy life. Finding money can also imply you expect changes to take place in your personal life. To lose money indicates you have been unhappy and gloomy recently.


If you dream about a monkey it indicates you believe you are involved with some deceitful people, but are not sure who they are.


To dream of being pursued by a monster indicates a fear of the unknown and implies you are concerned about your future.

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If you dream of a full and bright moon it indicates happiness and success are prevalent in your life.  To dream of seeing a distorted or strange looking moon indicates you are having many personal problems.


To dream that you visit a morgue searching for some one implies you are worried about the welfare or health of a friend or family member


To watch the morning dawn in your dream implies you feel you are blessed with good fortune and happiness.  .


Dreaming about your mother is a sign you are looking for guidance in your current enterprise.  Getting your mothers approval in your dream indicates you are very pleased with yourself.


Seeing a mountain in your dream indicates you have many obstacles to overcome if you are to succeed.  To climb over the mountain and make it to the other side implies you feel successful.  If you are unable to make it over the mountain it signifies you have been unsuccessful in your endeavors.


Dreaming you are eating muffins indicates you like the better things in life and do not settle for anything that is just ordinary.


If you dream you have large muscles and a muscular body it indicates a desire to be healthier and stronger.  If you have been exercising lately it could be considered a fantasy dream and indicate what you would like to achieve by exercising.


To dream of a museum implies you have been interested in your own personal history and would like to find out more about your family history.


Dreaming about music is generally considered to be a good omen. To dream of hearing pleasant and harmonious music indicates you are happy and at peace with yourself. Seeing musical instruments signifies anticipated entertainment and joy.


To find yourself bewildered by a mysterious event that is happening in your dream indicates confusion in your life.  It can mean you have been neglecting your duties lately and imply you are not sure how to correct the problems you have caused.  To find yourself studying the mysteries of creation is said to indicate you are expecting changes to take place in your life.

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