M – Marsh to Microscope

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Dreaming about walking through a marsh or swamp indicates you are feeling ill and overworked. It can also mean you have been disappointed and disturbed by the actions of a relative. Dreaming about a marsh is always considered to be a bad omen in a dream.


Dreaming that you are wearing a mask indicates you are feeling shame about your conduct. It could be something you said or have done, or just something you have thought about. Examining the theme of the dream can help determine the reason for wearing a mask


To dream of attending a masquerade party indicates you enjoy indulging in foolish and harmless pleasures. To see others masquerading as someone they are not indicates you think you have been deceived by a friend or associate.


To dream of seeing the mast of a sail boat implies you are looking forward to a pleasant voyage and making new friends.


To dream of a mattress denotes contentment with your present surroundings, and that you feel safe and comfortable.


Dreaming about a mausoleum is considered to be a bad omen and is associated with illness and death.


To dream of the month of May indicates prosperous and enjoyable times. It is thought of as an especially delightful month for children and if you see children in your dream it is considered a very good omen.


Dreaming about a meadow implies bright promises and happy reunions. Meadows in a dream usually indicate prosperity and a happy future.


Dreaming about meals indicate you are letting trifling matters interfere with your daily routine. Sometimes it is possible to feel or touch something in a dream, but you are usually unable to taste anything, and therefore it is considered a waste of time.

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To dream that you have measles indicates you are worried and anxious about your health.


Dreaming about a mechanic is an indication you have been dealing with many problems and are having difficulties fixing fix them all.


To dream you receive a medal indicates you are very proud of a recent accomplishment.  If you lose a medal it implies you have suffered many misfortunes or accidents lately.


Dreaming about medicine implies you feel the need for something that will cure your sorrow or unhappiness.  Rarely does dreaming about medicine have anything to do with your health.


If you dream to be melancholy over an affair or event it is a sign of deep disappointment about something you expected to be favorable and pleasant.


Dreaming about a memorial signifies you are going through a period of time when you will be called on to display patients and kindness towards friends or family.


To dream of mending torn or soiled clothes indicates you are looking for an opportunity to right a wrong you have done.


Dreaming you are merry or in a merry mood indicates that you have been engaging in many pleasant events, and are very excited about them.


Dreaming that you receive a message implies that many changes are taking place in your life that you are sharing with others.


Mice are considered to be unhealthy and sneaky creatures by many people, so it considered a bad omen to have one in your dream.  If you have mice in your dream it indicates you are uneasy and uncomfortable in this dream


Dreaming about a microscope is said to indicate you will receive small returns on your investments.

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