L – Label to Lantern

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If you are labeling items in a dream it indicates you prefer order in your life. If you dream to read a specific label it can indicate you have been searching for something in your waking state.


Dreaming you are doing hard labor indicates a favorable outlook on life, and that you are willing to work hard to improve your conditions. If you are watching animals laboring under heavy burdens it implies you are appalled by unjust conditions. To see men toiling under hard labor signifies profitable work, and robust health. Dreams that have labor involved are usually considered good dreams.


Dreaming that you are climbing a ladder indicates a desire to reach great heights in your career. If someone is helping you by holding the ladder it implies you are admired by your fellow associates. Slipping and loosing footage while climbing the ladder can mean you feel temporary problems are affecting your performance. A broken ladder can indicate opportunities for you have been lost. To fall from a ladder while climbing one denotes failure and disappointment are affecting your progress.


Seeing a ladle in your dream is said to imply happiness, long life and many children. A broken ladle is said to indicate suffering and loss.


Dreaming about a lagoon indicates you are peaceful and serene, and is considered to be a good omen.

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The theme of this dream always determines how it is interpreted.  Sparkling clear water under bright sunshine would indicate all is well and you are content with your life.  If the weather is stormy and the day gloomy a dream of this type could indicate you are going through an emotional upheaval and unhappiness prevails at this time.  Carefully examine any other symbols in this dream to see if they could help you understand its meaning.


Dreams about lambs are generally considered to be good dreams.  If you are carrying a lamb it indicates happiness and many good things are happening in your life.  Seeing a lamb play in a field implies you have many good friendships and enjoy being around your family.


If you are carrying a lamp in your dream and it is throwing off light in all directions so it can light your way, than this is considered to be a very good dream.  If the lamp is running out of fuel and not throwing off enough light, it can indicate you are going through some temporarily sad and emotional times.  Empty lamps, represent depression and despondency.


If you dream that someone is speaking to you in a language you do not understand, it indicates you are having a difficult time understanding the actions of a friend or associate in your waking life.


Dreaming about owning land indicates a feeling of prosperity and success.  If you are admiring the land, or traveling through it with friends, it implies you have proud family traditions.  If you dream about land that you do not own it indicates recent financial concerns.


To dream you see lantern lighting the way for you to travel signifies you feel important and influential.   If you are carrying the lantern it implies you are considered by your friends to be a leader.   If you stumble and lose your way it implies you are concerned about your image.

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