L – Lights to Luxury

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Seeing a beam of light shining out of the dark indicates you believe to have finally discovered the truth about a situation you were involved in.


If you dream that you think people are lying to you it implies you have lost faith in someone close to you.  For someone to call you a liar indicates you have been hurt deeply by a close friend recently.


To dream of being in a life-boat implies you are distressed about resent developments in your life, and hope for help from strangers.


To see a lighthouse while you are out on a ship is considered a warning sign that danger is near.  Seeing a lighthouse in your dream can indicate you have felt in danger recently and should take the advice of friends.


Dreaming that you are making a list is an indication you are worried about forgetting something important.  It could pertain to many things, and the theme of the dream needs to be taken into consideration when interpreting this dream.

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Dreams about liquor can mean many things.  If you enjoy good quality liquor this dream can indicate good times and indulgence in some of the finer things in life.  If you drink liquor to escape from reality, this dream can indicate you are struggling in your personal life.  To watch others drink liquor and become intoxicated can imply you are concerned about the drinking habits of friends or family.  Seeing liquor in barrels is said to be a sign of wealth and prosperity for enterprising businessmen, and can indicate you are considering a profitable investment opportunity.


Dreaming about a lock indicates a need to hide or protect your personal property or assets.  If you cannot open a lock it implies you have been careless or foolish with your possessions.


Dreaming you are lonely indicates you are going through some difficult times and feel alone in your struggles.  You should carefully examine all portions of this dream to see if you can interpret what the problem may be.


If you are lost in a dream and cannot find your way back, it indicates you are having difficulty making many decisions in your personal life.


Dreaming about the lottery can quite often mean you are desperate to find your way out of financial difficulties.  It can also simply indicate you enjoy gaming, and the excitement it can provide.  Everyone looks upon gambling from a different perspective, and your personal opinions determine the interpretation of this type of dream.


Dreaming about love is considered to be a good omen.  If you see a couple expressing their love to each other it denotes your pleasure in seeing others extremely happy.  To dream of yourself being in love indicates your desire to express your love and happiness to others.  Dreaming about the love of your parents indicates a happy childhood and sound character.  If you dream about animals that you love, it indicates a passionate and caring person.


Dreaming about luggage indicates a desire to move or travel to a different location.  If you are packing your luggage it implies the need to move in a hurry.  To lose your luggage indicates you feel distressed and helpless about your current situation.


Dreaming that you are surrounded by luxury implies you feel very fortunate about recent developments.  This dream does not always indicate that luxury is monetary.  A new lover, a new baby, or a new job can all trigger a dream about luxury.

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