L – Laughing to Lightning

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To dream that you are laughing and are cheerful means you believe to have been successful in your recent undertakings. Hearing the happy laughter of children indicates you and your family are experiencing joy and good health.


If you dream of doing your own laundry it signifies strong self assured control over your life and business.


If you dream about talking with a lawyer it indicates you may have legal matters you need help with. If you dream that you are a lawyer it implies you feel this is a prestigious and honorable profession. Interpreting dreams about legal matters that involve a lawyer will always depend on the theme of the dream. Feeling you have been wronged by someone in this type of dream may indicate you are initiating a lawsuit. It could also mean you need to defend yourself in a lawsuit.


Dreaming that you are lazy indicates disappointment in yourself. If you dream that you are feeling lazy it implies a recent mistake is on your mind.


To dream about leather denotes you are having successful and favorable feelings. If you are wearing leather it indicates you feel adventurous, strong willed, and daring.


To dream of leaves indicates happiness and joy. It can mean your business or personal life has been improving. If you see withered leaves in your dream it denotes gloomy and unhappy experiences.

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Dreaming that your legs will not move is a very common dream and can mean a variety of things.  If you are afraid in the dream it indicates your body does not want to move into danger.  Trying to get from one place to another and finding your legs wont move can imply your sub conscious mind won’t let you go there.  The theme indicates how you interpret this dream.


Drinking lemonade in a dream is a sign you are enjoying pleasant, cool, and comfortable surroundings.


Seeing lemons in a dream is said to indicate a feeling of jealousy.  Eating lemons indicates you feel humiliated and disappointed.


Leopards are considered to be beautiful creatures, but are dangerous and unpredictable.  To dream about a leopard indicates you feel the future holds many beautiful promises that will be difficult and dangerous to attain.


To dream that you see a letter implies you are expecting news soon.  The theme of the dream indicates whether it will be bad or good news.  Dreaming about a letter with a black border is said to signify distress and sorrow. A letter that is bright or colorful indicates it will be a love letter.


Dreaming that you are levitating and rising up is similar to a dream about flying.  It can indicate you are feeling happy and free from your worries. (See Flying)   (See Lucid Dreaming)


Dreaming about a library usually indicates you feel the need to find more information about a subject or person you are interested in. A library is considered a repository of readily accessible information, and any dream featuring a library indicates a desire for knowledge.


Seeing lightning in the sky is believed to be a good omen and indicate substantial financial gains.

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