I – Ice to Industrious

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Dreaming about ice in any form is considered to be a bad omen. Broken and irregular ice on a lake or pond indicates you are having troubling and difficult times. Clear ice denotes a deceiving perception that everything is safe and solid, but thin clear ice breaks, and problems arise. To dream you are walking on thin ice indicates you are fearful of something and implies you are taking too many chances. You need to examine your situation more carefully. This is a very difficult dream to interpret.

Ice Cream

If you are eating and enjoying ice cream in your dream it indicates you are having good luck and success with your love life. If the ice cream has no taste it is a sign of disillusionment and disappointment. To see children eating ice cream signifies prosperity and happiness.


If you dream of icicles melting from a building or tree it is considered a good omen and indicates your problems are melting away.


When a man dreams of meeting the ideal person it indicates he has special feelings for someone and feels he is falling in love. A woman who dreams of meeting her ideal person is usually involved in a personal or business venture that she feels is working out well.


Seeing Idiots in a dream indicates you are having disagreements that could lead to personal losses. If you dream that you are the idiot it implies you have recently been humiliated because of a mistake you have made.


Should you dream about worshiping idols it indicates you are making slow progress with your plans and are letting petty and insignificant problems bother you. Watching others worship idols indicates you see major differences between you and your associates.


When you dream of your own illness it indicates you expect an unforeseen event to happen. Dreaming you are ill is an indication you are unhappy and lonely.

What is my Lucky Number


Seeing strange and colorful illuminations in the sky is a sign of distress.  Seeing illuminated faces is said to be a sign that you feel unfinished business is haunting you.


Seeing images in your dreams is not considered to be a good sign.  To see your own image indicates you feel your reputation has been damaged.  Seeing ugly images means you have been having disagreements with friends or family.


To dream that someone is imitating you indicates you are not satisfied with your accomplishments lately. To dream that you are imitating someone else implies a loss of self confidence.


Dreaming about infidelity is considered a bad omen in any dream.  Whether the cheating is being done by you or your loved one does not matter.  This type of dream indicates a fear of are problems within your relationship that you feel need attention.


Dreaming you are incoherent usually indicates you are very excited or nervous during your dream.


To dream of losing your income indicates a loss of self confidence and signifies recent disappointments in your life.  Dreaming you inherit a substantial income implies your luck has been running good as of late.


To dream that you are very independent indicates you are very pleased with your financial situation and your place in life.


To dream of indifference signifies you are not concerned about the opinions of friends about a recent occasion.  If you dream your friends are indifferent towards you it implies you feel guilty about a recent affair.


Dreaming of indigestion usually indicates you feel the surroundings to be unhealthy or gloomy.


To dream that you are industrious indicates that you are very active in planning projects and working out ideas to further your interests.  To see others being industrious in your dreams implies you like to surround yourself with like minded people.

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