I – Infants to Ivory

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To dream of seeing a newly born infant implies you are expecting pleasant surprises in the near future. Seeing infants in any dream is considered to be a good omen.


To dream that you are leaving an infirmary indicates you are escaping all your problems and worries.


If you dream that you have influence over others it indicates your desire to be popular among your acquaintances.


Dreaming that you receive an inheritance indicates that you expect to be successful in easily obtaining your desires.


To dream you are injured signifies that an unfortunate occurrence has recently happened and it is lingering on your mind.


To dream of an inn denotes you are constantly searching for prosperity and the pleasures of life. You are happy and content if the Inn is clean and well furnished. The opposite is true if the Inn is dilapidated and run down.


Dreaming about insects usually indicate you are concerned and are worrying about something. Insects are bothersome and annoying and represent insignificant personal problems. If you manage to exterminate the insects in your dream it implies you have overcome your problems.

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To dream of an inquest indicates you are having personal problems with your friends and associates.


Dreaming about an inquisition indicates you are going through an endless round of trouble and disappointment.


To dream of being insane indicates you are having disastrous results with your love life.  It can also signify that you are ill and concerned about the prospects of a full recovery.


To dream you see an inscription on a wall or tombstone implies you expect to receive unpleasant news soon.


To intercede for some one in your dreams indicates you are secure in your feelings for others.


To dream you are intoxicated indicates you have illicit pleasures or naughty ideas on your mind.


Dreaming about an inventor, or that you are inventing something, indicates a belief that you will soon achieve some unique work which will add honor to your name.


To dream that you are inviting people to visit with you indicates a fear that some unpleasant event is near. If you are invited to visit someone else it implies a fear that you will receive sad news.


To dream that you are on an island signifies pleasant journeys and fortunate enterprises. Seeing an island usually indicates comfort and pleasant circumstances.  To see people on an island denotes you are struggling to raise yourself higher in prominent circles.


To dream of ivory is considered a favorable dream that will bring good fortune of the dreamer.

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