H – Hives to Hymns

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Dreaming you have the hives implies you have been ill lately and are afraid your illness may return. Dreaming about hives is considered a bad omen that indicates illness in the family.


Working with a hoe in the garden or a farmers field indicates you feel there is no time for pleasure and your work must be completed before any other task or pleasure. It is believed that if you dream to be working with a hoe you will always have freedom from poverty


Dreaming about a holiday indicates you have been entertaining or plan on entertaining strangers that you will welcome into your family soon.


If you dream of visiting your old family home you are looking to hear good news about the family. If the home is in a dilapidated condition and has been neglected it indicates problems within the family are apparent.


To dream of being homesick indicates you have fallen on hard times and are feeling hopeless about your future.


Dreaming about honey is a sign of wealth and prosperity that can indicate you feel successful and prosperous. If the honey is strained your efforts have come easily for you. To dream of eating honey indicates you are enjoying life and the fruits of your labor.

Dreaming about honey is almost always a very good dream.


If you hear the sound of a horn in your dream it is an indication you are expecting happy and joyous news. If children are playing with horns in your dream it signifies you have a joyous and happy family.


To dream of a hornet indicates you are going through the breakup of a long and happy relationship with a friend, lover, or family member. If you are stung by a hornet it indicates that you blame yourself for the problems that caused the breakup.

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If someone is reading your horoscope in a dream it means you are looking for changes in your life.


If you dream of riding a white or light colored horse you consider yourself a leader among your friends and family.  If the horse is healthy and strong you feel your relationships are the same.  Seeing a sick or scrawny horse indicates a fear of illness among friends or family.


Dreaming you are a patient in the hospital signifies you or someone close to you have been having medical problems that have worsened.  If you are only visiting the hospital it indicates your intentions are to spread good will.


Dreaming about horseradish indicates you are having pleasant associations with congenial and intelligent people.  If you are eating horseradish it signifies you are strong and resilient.


Dreaming about a hotel indicates a desire to travel and visit old friends.  To dream of living in a hotel signifies you feel detached from your friends and family and are an outcast.


To dream of building a house signifies you plan on making major changes in your lifestyle.  If you are doing the work yourself it indicates you have taken control of your own destiny.  Old and broken down houses indicate a feeling of disappointment and failure in your business or personal life.


Dreaming you have a housekeeper or maid indicates your business is taking up a major part of your life, and recreational time is rare.


Although hugging is an accepted form of affection and greetings among friends in our waking life, it is not considered to be a good omen in a dream.  Hugging or being hugged leads to bad luck or problems in a dream.  You need to examine the theme of this type of dream carefully when trying to interpret it.


Very humid conditions in a dream indicate you are having difficult problems that you cannot find a solution for, and you are mentally struggling within yourself.


It is unfortunate to dream about hunger because you cannot satisfy your hunger in a dream and will remain hungry and  uncomfortable.  (see lucid dreams)


If you are not normally a hunter and you dream of hunting, it indicates a desire to fulfill your needs as the provider for your family.  It can also signify an underlying ambition that require men to feel superior to animals.  When a woman dreams of hunting it can indicate her desire to prove herself as worthy as a man.  Hunting is also a sport of course, and for men and women who hunt for the sheer enjoyment of hunting this type of dream will be interpreted entirely different.


When you hear hymns being sung in a church it indictes happiness and contentment in your home and with your family.

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