H – Hate to History

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Dreaming that you hate someone indicates you are confused and distressed about a relationship with a friend or associate. You are feeling guilty about something you have done if the person hated in the dream is yourself.


Hawks have outstanding eyesight and are voracious hunters. To dream of a hawk indicates you are watching closely someone you do not trust and intend to expose them at the first sign of suspicious behavior.


Seeing fields of newly cut hay is considered a sign of unusual prosperity. If you are hauling and putting hay into barns it indicates you have planned well for your future.


Dreaming that you see a hearse is a sign of trouble within your family. Seeing a hearse in any dream is considered to be a bad omen and is usually only seen in unhappy and sad dreams.


To dream you are having a heart attack or are suffocating, indicates you are having major disagreements or health issues among friends and family. This type of dream usually indicates you have made a mistake of some sort and are having difficulty correcting it.


Heat is not considered to be a favorable dream. Dreaming you are overcome by heat indicates you feel that you failed to accomplish a given task, or have betrayed a friend.


Dreaming you are ascending to heaven usually implies a feeling of joy and accomplishment after completing a difficult assignment or task. Climbing to heaven on a ladder implies you are slow and behind in your duties.


To dream of hedges indicates you feel separated or cut off from your friends and family, but are not having a dispute with them as if it was a fence. Bare hedges implies you are going through some distressing financial times.

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This is a contrary dream.  If you dream to have inherited property or money it usually indicates you are fearful of losing what property and money you already have.


Dreaming about hell indicates you have probably given into temptations that you could not resist.  Seeing your friends in hell implies you were not alone when you succumbed to these temptations.  This is a common dream, and the temptations could be very minor ones.  The theme of the dream should be taken into consideration when interpreting this type of dream.


To dream of herbs indicates comfortable and healthy feelings are prevalent.  Good health and pleasure are associated with herbs.


Dreaming about herring indicates tough financial times and some possibly embarrassing moments.

Hiding objects

Hiding objects indicates you are embarrassed about your current circumstances and trying to conceal them.  To find a hidden object indicates you expect to receive an unexpected financial gain.

High School

Dreaming about high school indicates social functions and community affairs are high on your agenda.  This type of dream can indicate your desire to get more involved in social or school affairs.


To dream of climbing a hill indicates determination and desire to accomplish lofty goals.  If you dream of falling back while climbing the hill, it can indicate you have been experiencing temporary setbacks.


If you dream that you are reading or studying about history it indicates you are looking for long and pleasant associations with other people.

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