F – Fables to Feeble

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Dreaming of reading or telling fables indicates you have many pleasant tasks you are performing and may have a desire to write about them. Dreaming about religious fables implies you have a genuine devotion toward God. If you dream you are living a fable it indicates you are not serious about your personal obligations in this life.


This dream can be a favorable dream if the faces are happy and smiling, but indicate you are experiencing sorrow and misfortune if the faces are frowning. If you see ugly and deformed faces it implies you have been or expect to be quarreling with a loved one.


Dreaming about failure usually indicates a fear of being inadequate in your business or personal life. This can also be a contrary dream. If you are in a foot race and do not win you have failed to win your race, but it does not indicate you feel inadequate. The theme of the dream must always be taken into consideration when interpreting this dream.


Dreaming that you fainted indicates a fear of illness or unpleasant news about your family.


To dream of being at a fair denotes that you have pleasant and jovial friends that you enjoy being around. If you win prizes at the fair it implies you believe to have been lucky in love.


To dream of a fairy is considered to be a good omen. It indicates joy, happiness and pleasant surroundings. .


Dreaming that you have a falcon indicates a desire to be in control of any situation you are involved in. It can indicate you feel strong and prosperous. If you see a falcon on the wing it implies you are an object of jealousy.


To dream that you sustain a fall and are frightened denotes that you are concerned about your honor and good name. If you are not frightened or harmed it shows that you have overcome your fears and defended your reputation.


To dream of being famous can indicate a feeling of disappointment in your personal accomplishments and a desire to improve your popularity.

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If you dream you are part of a large family it indicates happiness and contentment with your present situation.  If the family is bickering and unhappy it implies you are disturbed about a family matter.


To dream of bidding farewell to a friend or family member is usually not a favorable dream and indicates loneliness and sorrow.


Dreaming that you are living on a farm indicates you are enjoying life and feel well cared for.  Dreaming about farms is generally associated with good times and pleasant associations.


To dream that you are getting fat denotes you are planning a significant change in your lifestyle.  This is another contradictory dream and could have nothing to do with getting fat, but is associated with some type of change in your lifestyle.  The theme of the dream must be taken into consideration when interpreting this dream.


Dreaming about your father signifies you are involved in something and you need counsel to assist you with your decision.  If he is dead it denotes that your problems are heavy on your heart and friends and associates are unable to assist you.


To dream of your father-in-law denotes pleasant family connections and close family ties.


To feel fatigued in a dream indicates poor health or overwhelming problems with your business or personal life.  .


Dreaming about seeing a fawn indicates a desire to have a child or obtain a household pet is on your mind


To dream of a feast indicates you expect pleasant surprises are being planned for you.  Dreaming about having a feast is common if you have been planning a wedding or large party and it has been on your mind.


Dreaming about being feeble implies your physical health is poor and you are concerned you cannot be cured.

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