F – Flower to Frustration

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If you dream of seeing flowers blooming in a garden signifies pleasure and personal gain. Bright fresh colorful flowers imply you happy and content with your lot in life. Withered and dead flowers signify disappointments and gloomy situations.


If the floor in your dream is flat and solid it indicates your plans are solid and well based, but if the floor is weak or slanted it indicates you are concerned there may be some problems that need to be worked out.


Flying dreams are usually considered to be a good omen. If you are smoothly flying over fields that are colorful and bright it indicates you are experiencing peace and harmony in your life. If you are flying through gloomy and rainy weather it implies you have had some bitter disappointments recently. Dreaming about flying high in the sky and being afraid of falling indicates you have lost confidence in yourself and are afraid of losing control.


To dream of traveling through a dense fog indicates you are having difficulties in your business or personal affairs.


If you dream that you are lost in the forest and cannot find your way out it indicates you are having major difficulties or financial problems you believe are serious enough that you will not recover from them.


If you dream that you keep forgetting something it can be an indication that you actually have forgotten something important which is stimulating your subconscious mind.

Fork (In the Road)

Dreaming about a fork in the road indicates you have some serious decisions to make and they are foremost on your mind. If you choose one of roads it indicates you have made up your mind and are having second thoughts about your decision.


To dream of defending a fort signifies feeling your home and possessions may be at risk and you will need to defend them or correct the problem that has put them at risk. This type of dream implies you are worrying a great deal about this problem.

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Dreaming about a clear sparkling fountain is considered to be a good omen and indicates good will and pleasant journeys.  A fountain with no water indicates the lost of a loved one.


To dream of having your fortune told indicates a concern about the immediate future and that you are deliberating over some complicated affair.  This is a common dream to have when you are trying to decide between two options and would like or appreciate help in making your decision.


A dream about fowl denotes worry about an illness or problematic situation with friends or family.


To dream about a fox indicates an envious or sly relationship with an acquaintance has you suspicious and doubtful of its sincerity.


Dreaming about friends is usually associated with a good or happy dream.  If there are many friends in your dream it indicates you believe to be popular and well liked by most people.  If just a few friends or only one is in your dream it implies you value close relationships with only a few people even if you have many friends.


To dream that you are frightened about anything in a dream can indicate you are extremely concerned about something.  Usually these are temporary problems and this type of dream should not happen often.  If you have many recurring dreams where you are frightened you should seek professional counsel.


Dreaming about ripe and delicious fruit is considered to be a good omen and indicates you have a healthy and prosperous life.  If you dream of seeing fruit ripen on the tree it implies you are confident your future will continue to be favorable.  Green fruit indicates you must work harder to achieve your goals in life.


To see a funeral in your dream can indicate an unhappy relationship or marriage is on your mind.   To see the funeral of a friend or family member implies there are health issues among friends or family that you are concerned about.


If you are frustrated in your dream it indicates you are having difficulty coping with some things in your life.  This is a difficult dream to interpret because the theme of the dream may or may not indicate the cause of the frustration.

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