D – Daisy to Death

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To dream of a field of daisies in bloom on a beautiful sunny day implies happiness, health and prosperity. Seeing them out of season or on a gloomy day is considered to be a bad omen.


To see dahlias in a dream is seen as a good sign and indicates good fortune and happy times are at hand. If the dahlias are growing outside it indicates you are having monetary good fortune.


Seeing someone with a dagger in your dream indicates a fear that someone is trying to harm you. If you pull the dagger from someone’s hand it implies you have overcome recent fears and possible danger by taking some sort of action.


To dream of seeing a group of people dancing indicates you have or will have happy, cheerful and intelligent children. For young people to dream of dancing implies they are enjoying the many pleasures of life. If you dream of dancing yourself it indicates you are coming into some unexpected good fortune. Older people dancing imply a brighter future for your business is expected. Dancing is always considered a good omen.


Dandelions blossoming indicate happy unions and prosperous surroundings for you and your spouse or partner. To see yourself eating them is an indication you are not in the best of health and need to take caution.

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A dream about danger is usually associated with your business or financial future.  If your life is threatened by immediate danger and you escape, it indicates you are succeeding with your financial plans.  If you are hurt or killed it implies that you are concerned you will lose your business or finances and your prospects are discouraging.


To dream of the dark is a sign that you lose your temper quickly, causing yourself many problems and hardships.  If you are overtaken by darkness while on a trip it indicates you are not in favor of taking this trip and are dismayed because of the dark.  If the sun comes out before ending the trip it implies you have overcome your fears and are pleased with yourself.  If you are lost and cannot find your way in the dark it indicates others provoke you because you lose your temper easily.  A dream about the dark is usually not a happy dream and considered a bad omen.


If you dream of dates growing on a tree it signifies happiness, prosperity and successful relationships.


Dreaming about your daughter indicates that many previously unhappy incidents are turning into joyful and harmonious experiences.


To dream of your daughter-in-law indicates an unusual occurrence has happened that brought you happiness and joy.


To watch the day break in a dream implies your plans for the day will be productive and successful.  If the day is dull and dreary in your dream it can mean you are under very much pressure to succeed in whatever endeavors you have planned for the day.


Dreams relating to death are difficult to interpret because they are misleading and confusing.  If you are dreaming about a person that is dead it could be because they have been on your mind lately or an occurrence has happened that would remind you of them.  For many it can indicate the opposite of death and relate to some joyous family occasion.  The incidents seen and heard in our dreams are all of our own making and can reflect your feelings at any given time.  To dream that you have talked to someone that is dead is considered to be a sign of good luck.

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