D – Doves to Dynamite

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Dreaming of doves denotes peace and harmony is all around and sorrow and disappointment are a thing of the past. Doves signify peace and love and tranquility. If you are among a group of people when doves fly overhead it indicates your relationships with friends are healthy and prosperous.


To dream about a dragonfly indicates you are expecting bad news soon.


To dream that you awake from a dream only to discover you are still dreaming indicates you are having problems that you cannot quit worrying about and need to examine your priorities.


To dream that you are driving a vehicle implies you need to be in charge and want to take control of most situations. If you are a passenger in a car it implies you will let other people guide you in decisions you must make


To dream that you are drowning is considered a bad omen and indicates you are failing in your business or personal relationships. If you save yourself it implies you have faith in your abilities to recover from the current situation.

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To hear the beating of a drum indicates a friend is having problems and you feel they are calling out for help.


Dreaming you are drunk is considered an unfavorable dream and indicates you are feeling lost and unstable.  If you are funny or having a good time in the dream it indicates you are putting on a front to shield your true feelings from family or friends.


To dream of seeing ducks swimming in a clear stream of water is considered a good omen and means good luck.  If you see ducks flying overhead it indicates you should have a safe and happy journey.


To dream of being dumb indicates you are failing in your ability to persuade others and bring them around to your way of thinking.


Dreaming about dusk is considered to be a bad dream and usually indicates a feeling of doom and hopelessness.  It can be brought on by having a series of problematic or unhappy days in your personal life.


To see yourself blowing up anything with dynamite in your dream indicates a desire to create a spectacle that will capture others attention.  This is not always a bad dream, but can simply be a subconscious effort to gain attention.

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