D – Diamonds to Ditch

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To dream of owning diamonds can be somewhat of a pompous dream because they signify great honor and recognition. This type of dream can also indicate a feeling of security form owning diamonds. Diamonds are always considered omens of good luck.


To dream of dice is indicative of the desire to speculate and gamble. .


Dreaming that you are referring to a dictionary signifies you depend too much on the opinion and suggestions of others. It can indicate the need to make your own decisions.


To dream you are digging indicates that despite your best efforts you feel defeated and are not advancing in your lifestyle.
Dinner to Dynamite


If you are eating dinner alone it implies you have cause to think seriously about the necessities of life. To be one of many invited guests at a dinner suggests that you enjoy the company of your friends and associates.


Dreaming that someone threw dirt on you indicates you feel they want to destroy your character. To see fresh dirt around flowers and trees implies you feel healthy and fit.

What is my Lucky Number


You are indicating insecurity if you witness people disappearing.  It implies you need to improve your self image and have faith in yourself because this type of dream is caused by anxiety.


To dream that you have a disease indicates you are ill and have had an unpleasant dealing with a relative.


Dreaming about a dismemberment of any part of the body usually indicates a fear that your family or someone close to you is breaking up.  This is also a common dream when a relationship with someone you love is severed.


To be worried in your dream that you have been disgraced before friends and family indicates you are ashamed of some recent activity and are afraid it will be revealed.


To dream of having a dispute over minor subjects indicates a feeling of bad health or concern for your health.


To dream of being a long distance from your home denotes a desire to make a journey somewhere that is far away and exotic.  To dream that your friends are at a distance indicates slight disappointments with them.  To dream of distance usually signifies travel and a long journey.


Dreaming about falling into a ditch is a sign of personal loss and that you are worrying something is wrong.

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