D – Debt to Devil

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To dream that you are in debt is not a good dream and indicates worries about financial or personal struggles.


To dream of decorating some place with bright flowers and ribbons indicates you are in a festive mood and are looking forward to activities in the near future. To see a decorated grave or casket implies sorrow and misfortune have overcome you.


If you dream of signing a deed it is usually associated with a bad dream and indicates a fear of losing all you own. (See Mortgage)


This is a usually considered a favorable dream denoting long and deep friendships. To dream of hunting a deer indicates a feeling of needing to provide for your family.


If you dream you are experiencing delight at an event or watching some sort of entertainment it signifies you have had favorable returns on your investments. To feel delight when looking at beautiful landscapes indicates an appreciation for art and beauty.


To dream that someone demands something from you indicates you are experiencing a feeling of embarrassment. If the demand is unjust it suggests you have been put in an embarrassing position by and associate or friend.


If you see demons in your dream it is an indication you are overindulging in some way and need to change your ways before losing your health or mental stability. .


Dreaming about a dentist working on your teeth indicates you have reason to doubt the sincerity of a person you are having a business relationship with.

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Dreams about depression are normally contrary dreams.  They do not reflect your true feelings and you are happy and delighted when you wake from one.


Seeing a derrick in a dream indicates you are experiencing strife and obstructions with your chosen career.


To dream of wandering through a dry and barren desert denotes fear of losing your way financially and becoming destitute.


To be using a desk in a dream denotes you have been having bad luck for some time now and you need money to extricate you from your problems.


Dreams about despair denote that you witnessing the distress and unhappy position of some relative or friend.


To dream of a detective indicates you are afraid your reputation is at stake for some reason and friends may forsake you.


The devil is always the forerunner of despair and is a symbol that represents evil in all its forms.  You are uneasy and disturbed when you dream of the devil and interpreting the dream is difficult.  This type of dream usually indicates the dreamer has recently been tormented or very unhappy.  You need to carefully search your mind for clues as to why you would have this type of dream.

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