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Canary Birds

To dream of this sweet songster denotes you are feeling extremely happy and content in this dream.  Holding a canary in your hand implies you feel a sincere connection with nature and a love of birds and animals.  If someone gives you a canary it indicates you feel loved and respected by your peers.  To give away a canary means you are showing your approval and appreciation for someone or something.  Seeing a flock of canaries singing and flying about means you are very happy and content at this time.


To see candles burning indicates you feel content with your life and encouraged about your future.  Candles that are not burning usually indicate you are waiting to hear or see someone.  If a burning candle goes out you are afraid for the health of yourself or someone you care about.


This dream denotes that you feel your home or property is at risk for some reason, and it will be necessary to defend it.  Dreaming about cannons is very subjective because they can indicate both aggression and defense.  You need to consider your personal situation when interpreting this type of dream.


To paddle a canoe on a fast running stream indicates you feel very confidant in your ability to handle arising problems.  If you are in a canoe with your lover it denotes happiness and contentment with your love life.  If you are paddling down a calm and quite stream you are feeling content with your life and future.


To dream of making candy can mean you feel the need to make someone happy.  Dreaming about eating candy implies you are enjoying the pleasures of life.  Eating sour candy usually mean you are surprised at feeling disgusted or angry with someone you care about.  If you receive a box of candy it indicates you are expecting good news or financial gain in the near future.


Dreaming you are under a canopy means you feel the need to protect yourself and possibly those around you.  A canopy generally indicates protection from the elements and when you dream about one it usually means you feel the need for protection.


To dream that you are a captive denotes you are afraid of someone or something.  If you cannot escape it can mean a real and dangerous fear of something in your personal life.  If you escape it indicates you feel the situation is under control.


To dream of seeing the captain of a ship denotes you feel in control of any situation which may arise.


(See Automobile)


If you are playing cards in your dreams with others it indicates you enjoy socializing with other people.  If you are gambling while playing cards it can indicate you’re looking for a quick way to solve a problem.  If a fortune teller is reading cards to see your future it implies you are expecting unforeseen problems soon.


Dreaming that you are a participant in a carnival indicates you have a desire for unusual pleasure or recreation.  It can mean you are looking for some new adventure in your life, and are ready for a change in your lifestyle.  Seeing unusual and freakish sights in a carnival indicates discord and problems in your personal life.


Riding in a horse drawn carriage is an indication you want to be pampered and treated as royalty.  If it is an old worn out carriage you could be depressed or worried about recent activities.


To see a carpet in a dream denotes you want wealth and prosperity for yourself and your friends.  Dreaming about buying carpets indicates you feel you have gained some wealth.


To see carpenters working indicates you are looking forward to a project you are planning or hoping to begin soon.  Watching carpenters work implies a desire to engage in the labor involved in the project.


To dream of carrots implies you have prosperity and good health and are satisfied with your current position.


To dream that you have plenty of cash means you feel a particular goal of yours has been achieved.  Giving cash away to others implies you have recently done something you feel generous and happy about and are pleased with yourself.


Seeing a cashier would indicate you are involved in a project you expect to be successful and profitable.


You are pleased with yourself and everything you have if you dream you are in a castle.  A castle implies wealth and power and if you dream you own one, you feel you have accomplished something important recently.  Dreaming about owning a castle can also indicate you feel you have power and influence over other people.  If the castle is old and crumbling it could indicate you have lost confidence in yourself and feel you are losing control.

What is my Lucky Number


It is generally felt that dreaming about cats is a bad omen.  If you have recently had a rash of bad luck or problems it is common to dream about cats.  If you dream that a cat is watching you it could indicate you fear someone is always watching you.  To dream that a cat scratches you can mean you have recently been hurt by someone close to you, and you’re still feeling the pain.  If you are chasing a cat away it indicates you have recently overcome a problem and are now in charge.


Dreaming about riding in a cab signifies you feel you enjoy average prosperity.  If you are riding in a cab with other people it can indicate you have a secret you are keeping from friends.  If you are riding in a cab with a person of the opposite sex it means you are afraid of a scandal in your personal life.  If you are driving a cab it means you feel you’re in a dead end job with no future.  It can indicate you want to look for another occupation.


It is bad to dream of cabbage.  It can mean you feel trouble in your personal life is imminent.  To dream of seeing green cabbage can mean you are afraid someone you love has been unfaithful.

Cabin (ship)

To dream of being in a ships cabin indicates you are looking for adventure and travel in your life.


To hear the cackling of hens usually denotes you have recently received news of an unexpected tragedy among your friends or family.  It can also indicate a fear of impending illness in yourself or a close associate.


Dreaming about seeing cactus usually indicates you feel someone is threatening your possessions and you need to protect them.  Cactus are considered a form of defense because of their prickly spines.  Since a cactus grows under adverse conditions it is considered a hardy plant that can adjust to any condition.  When one is seen in a dream it can mean the dreamer feels they need to change and adjust to new circumstances.


If you see a cage full of birds, you are hoping to possess happiness and many beautiful children.   To see only one bird indicates you are afraid you will not have any children or grandchildren.  If the cage is empty it can denote you recently lost a friend or loved one.


Dreaming about a cake indicates you are happy and want to celebrate something.  If you dream about a pound cake it is usually associated with business.  Dreaming about a wedding cake indicates you are happy and excited about the beginning of something in your life.


Seeing a calculator in a dream can mean you are concerned about your current financial situation.  Watching someone use a calculator indicates you feel you need help with your finances.  If you see a lot of people using calculators it can mean you are concerned about having problems with your business.


To dream of calves peacefully grazing usually indicates you feel content and happy and are looking forward to festive gatherings.


To dream of keeping a calendar, indicates that are very orderly and systematic in your habits throughout the year.  Seeing a calendar can denote disappointment in your calculations or expectations.


To dream that you hear the voice of someone you know could foreshadow a long illness or even death for that person. To hear the voice of your loved one calling you may mean a separation due to misunderstandings. If the voice you hear is the voice of someone already dead then this denotes that you are about to commit a bad error in judgment about your business.

Calm Seas

To see calm seas, denotes a successful ending of a doubtful undertaking.  It can also mean you feel calm and happy due to a long and well-spent life.


To see this beast of burden signifies you feel it will be necessary for you to sustain yourself for long periods of time.  If you are having problems with your business it can mean your concerned there are tough times ahead and you need to prepare for them.  If you have recently been concerned about a personal relationship it can signify your subconscious mind feels it will take a long and difficult journey to save the relationship.


Dreaming about a camera signifies you are changing environments and are not pleased about your situation.  It is believed that when a young woman dreams about a camera she has been disappointed with a friend or lover.


To dream of camping can mean you expect a change in your affairs.  If you see yourself camping it indicates you feel the need to get back to basics in your life.  To see a lot of people camping usually means you are yearning to be with many friends and family members.  It is said that when a woman is having a difficult time setting a date for her wedding, she will quite often dream about camping alone.

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