C – Complexion to Cut

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Dreaming you have a beautiful complexion is considered to be a good omen and that you are very lucky. To dream that you have a bad complexion denotes disappointment in yourself or sickness.


Dreaming about working on a computer indicates discipline and dedication to whatever is at hand. You should always take into consideration the theme of the dream because the meaning can vary according to the dream. It can also mean you have been to wound up in your work or studies and you need to take a break.


To dream of a concert denotes a delightful season of pleasure. To the business man it implies successful business trends, and to the young it signifies bliss and faithful loves.


To dream of confetti obstructing your view in a crowd denotes you are lost in a crowd of happier people and

cannot find your way. It can be a sign that you have been unhappy lately.


Dreaming you are the object of a conspiracy implies you have been making errors in your personal affairs that need to be corrected.


To dream that your conscience is bothering you because you deceived someone indicates a desire to commit or assist in a deed you are ashamed of. It can indicate you are afraid your reputation is in jeopardy.


If you dream you have consumed too much food or alcohol it indicates you are exposing your self to danger.


To dream of being in contempt of court denotes that you have committed a business or social indiscretion and are concerned about the outcome. Dreaming you are held in contempt by others implies you are contemplating to do, or have done something you are feeling guilty about.


If you dream of signing a contract it can mean you feel confident you will soon be increasing your income or accomplishing a project you are involved with. If you refuse to sign a contract it indicates a fear of recent transactions or decisions. It can also be a warning that your relationships may be faltering.


To dream that you are wearing a costume indicates you are hiding something from others or you are not expressing your true feelings with your friends or loved ones. If you are wearing an outlandish costume it implies you have been foolish with your affairs and are trying to disguise it.


To dream of seeking refuge in a convent denotes that you want a future free of problems and difficulty. It can mean you wish to find a place to hide from your everyday life.


Dreaming of seeing convicts indicates a fear of impending disaster or sad news. If you dream you are a convict it can imply you are worried about a relationship or action you have done that needs clearing up.


If you dream you are in a court of law as a defendant it can indicate you have circumstances in your life you are afraid you will be taken to task for.


To dream of a convention denotes having unusual circumstances happen in your business affairs or your personal relationships.


To cook a meal in your dream indicates a desire to please and do things for others. Cooking in a dream is considered a good omen and implies the dreamer enjoys the companionship of friends and family.


To dream you are being attacked by a pack of coyotes indicates a fear of being turned on by friends or associates and can imply you are worried about a recent occurrence.


Dreaming about colored coral denotes enduring friendships and lifelong friends are a major part of your lifestyle.


To dream of a coronation indicates you enjoy acquaintances and friendships with prominent people.


Dreaming about husking ears of corn denotes you enjoy varied successes and pleasure. To see others picking corn implies you rejoice in the prosperity of friends or relatives.


To dream of seeing a corkscrew indicates the dreamer has an unsatisfied mind and is looking for solutions to his or her dilemma.


To dream of a corpse is considered a bad omen and indicates sorrow and disdain.  To see the corpse of an animal indicates an unhealthy situation in your personal or business relationships.


To dream of a cot indicates an affliction or sickness is on the dreamers mind.  A lot of cots in a row signify you are not alone in this trouble and are concerned about friends or family.


To dream of reclining on a couch indicates you may have false hopes about your affairs and caution is advised.


Dreaming that you are aggravated by a constant cough indicates a state of poor health but one you feel you can recuperate from if care is taken.  To dream of hearing others cough indicates you are experiencing unpleasant surroundings from which you expect to ultimately emerge.

Counterfeit Money

To dream of counterfeit money denotes you are having trouble with an unruly and obstinate person.  This type of dream is usually considered a bad omen.


Dreaming about a counselor indicates a profound confidence in yourself and belief you have the ability to counsel others.  It can mean you usually prefer your own judgment.


To dream of counting your children indicates you do not have trouble understanding and controlling them.   If you dream about counting money it implies you are feeling lucky.

What is my Lucky Number


If you dream you are out in the country where your surroundings are bright and beautiful it indicates contentment and happiness is yours.  If the country is dry and windblown you are going through desperate and troublesome times.


Dreaming of one’s cousin indicates disappointments and sadness.  To dream about corresponding with a cousin implies problems with the family ties.


To dream of seeing cows waiting to be milked indicates abundance and fulfillment of your dreams.  (See Cattle)


To dream of a cradle with a baby in it indicates you enjoy prosperity and the affections of beautiful children.


To dream of crabs indicates that you are having a complicated affair of some sort and will require sound judgment on your part to resolve your problems.


Dreaming of seeing a flight of cranes flying overhead indicates gloomy prospects for business.  To see them fly to the ground implies that an unusual event may be happening.


There are many different types of dreams involving the word crash.  If you dream the stock market is about to crash it indicates a concern about your investments or the state of the economy.  A loud crash such as that of a tree falling is a sign of danger and indicates you are concerned about something.  To see a car crash implies you are afraid your worst fears may come true.


To dream that you are crawling on the ground indicates you are feeling humiliated by events that were forced on you by others.  If you are crawling over rocks or difficult terrain it implies that you have not taken full advantage of opportunities that have been afforded you.   To crawl through muck and mud with another person indicates depression.


To dream of seeing cream served denotes that you are thirsting for the better things in life.


If you dream you are asking for credit it denotes a cause to worry about your future.  To dream about giving credit to another indicates you have a sincere trust in others.


Dreaming about a creek indicates new experiences and short journeys. If it is overflowing you have concerns about having personal problems.


To dream of seeing a body cremated denotes feelings that an event or problem that has been troubling you is coming to an end.


Hearing or seeing a cricket in your dream indicates melancholy news and perhaps the fear of hearing about the death of some distant friend.


Hearing cries of distress in your dream indicates you are engulfed in serious troubles and need help to solve your problems.  If you hear the cries of a wild animal it denotes an accident of a serious nature.


To dream that you are associated with a person who has committed a crime denotes that you are losing self respect.  If you see a criminal fleeing it indicates you are privy to another person’s secret and feel pressured not to reveal it.


Dreaming of having an abundance of expensive crockery denotes that you are an economical and thrifty homemaker.


When you dream about crocodiles it indicates a feeling that you have been deceived by your closest friends.  To dream of stepping on a crocodile implies you have fallen into trouble of some sort which will require you to struggle considerable to extricate yourself.


To dream of seeing a cross indicates you are in trouble for some reason and need to put your affairs in order.  If you dream of seeing a person bearing a cross you feel your assistance is needed somewhere.


To dream of cross-bones indicates you are troubled by the evil influence of others.

Cross Roads

Dreaming about coming to a cross road indicates you are undecided about an important matter in your personal or business life and are looking for a solution.  It can mean you are letting unimportant matters irritate and distress you.


To dream of seeing a crow is considered a bad omen and indicates misfortune and grief.  If you hear a crow cawing it implies you are unduly influenced by others.  (See Raven)


To dream of a crown implies a change in a person’ lifestyle is taking place.  It can indicate the desire to travel a long distance from home to form new relationships.  To dream that you are wearing a crown signifies a loss of personal property.


To see a crucifix in a dream indicates distress and misery and is considered a bad omen.

Crush (smash)

Crushing something in your dream indicates being under a great deal of pressure and finding release by making the decision to crush something.


To dream that you are dependent on crutches indicates dependency and support is needed from others.


To dream of crying indicates distressing influences are affecting your personal or business affairs and you are deeply disturbed by them.  To see others crying implies unexpected calls for aid from you are being expressed.


To dream of a cuckoo indicates a sudden ending of a happy life has caused the downfall of a dear friend.


Dreaming about cucumbers indicates health and prosperity and is considered a good omen.  If you are sick and dream of serving cucumbers it implies you are getting better and expect to have a speedy recovery.


To dream of curtains indicates you fear that unwelcome visitors will cause you worry and unhappiness. Soiled or torn curtains seen in a dream implies you have been quarrelling or bickering with a loved one.


Dreaming you are building a custom house indicates achieving a long desired goal has been achieved.  To leave one implies recent financial problems are becoming overwhelming.


Dreaming you have a cut denotes a fear of becoming ill because of careless behavior on your part.

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