C – Cheese to Circus

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Dreaming of eating cheese indicates great disappointments and sorrow in your life. Dreaming about cheese is generally considered a bad omen.


To dream of cherries indicates the realization that you are considered popular because of your amiability and unselfishness. To eat them implies you are in possession of a much desired object.


Playing chess in a dream denotes you are concerned about something in your business or personal life and are carefully looking at your options. To dream that you lose at chess implies you have few options and may not be able to overcome your problems.


Chestnuts are associated with holidays and peaceful family celebrations. Dreaming about them usually indicates you are at peace with yourself and happy with your lifestyle.


To dream of seeing a brood of chickens signifies you are content with your financial situation at the moment but realize you must prepare for the future. Seeing only one chicken indicates you are very concerned about not having enough money to provide for your family. Dreaming about eating chicken is associated with fun times and family outings.

Child birth

When a woman dreams of giving child birth it indicates she feels fortunate and excited about her current situation. A man that dreams of child birth is usually feeling pride and satisfaction about his current circumstances. Dreams about child birth are usually happy dreams.


Dreaming of happy and well behaved children indicates contentment and happiness with your lifestyle. If children are misbehaving and unruly in a dream, it implies you are having difficulty with your family life. To dream of seeing your child desperately ill or dead implies you are having serious issues in your personal life and are concerned about them.

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To dream of Christmas chimes denotes happiness and contentment are present in your life. Chimes are usually associated with happy and joyous dreams.


Seeing chimneys in a dream denotes a very displeasing incident has recently occurred in your life. Chimneys are associated with sorrow and illness and are rarely a good sign in a dream. If a chimney is seen hiding in a corner it implies you are distressed and confused about your future.


For a woman to dream of getting new china indicates she believes she has a pleasant and comfortable home.


To dream of a choir is a sign your surroundings are considered cheerful and happy. Hearing the sounds of a choir in your dream is said to replace gloom and discontent.


Dreaming about a church indicates happiness and contentment and an indication you expect long awaited pleasures or activities to happen. It is considered a good omen to dream of a church, but keep in mind you must take into consideration the theme of the dream when interpreting a dream with a church in it. Entering a church that is gloomy can imply you are remembering somber times.


To dream of cider implies the squandering of personal wealth or property and if you are watching someone drink cider it indicates you feel you were betrayed by friends.


Dreaming about a circle denotes your personal affairs are not in order and you are unable to find a solution for your problems. Seeing circles can mean you are having difficulty reaching your goals.


Smoking a cigarette is a two faced sword. If you smoke in your waking life it can indicate peace, contentment and personal pleasure. If you do not smoke it implies a desire for forbidden pleasures or activities.


To dream that you are in a strange city indicates sorrow and unhappiness with your life. If you are lost in a city it denotes a fear of travel or losing your present form of transportation.


Dreaming about seeing yourself at a circus indicates you feel someone has the wrong impression of you. If the circus is exciting and colorful it can mean you are very happy with your present surroundings.

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