C – Campaign to Checkers

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To dream you are organizing a campaign indicates you are seriously opposed to something and intend to change it. If you are working on a campaign it signifies you feel you should join forces with someone who needs your help. A campaign in a dream is not always a political campaign. It can be a religious, environmental, community, or any type of campaign, but it usually indicates the same thing.


To dream about cannibalism usually indicates you feel guilty or sorry about something you have done recently and it is “eating you up”. It can mean you are just tempted to do something you could possibly feel guilty about.


Dreaming you have cancer signifies you feel depressed and are unhappy for some reason. If you dream someone else has cancer indicates you are concerned about the health of a friend or family member. Dreaming about cancer usually indicates a concern about an illness or someone’s health, but not necessarily cancer itself.


To see the water of a canal muddy is a sign you are not feeling well. It can mean you are not feeling well at the moment, or you have been ill recently. If the water is clear and running fast it indicates good feelings and happiness, or you have been ill and are now feeling much better. Still waters usually indicate a placid and uneventful period in your life.


Prosperity and good health is usually indicated when you dream of cattle. Happiness and good luck is associated with dreaming about cattle grazing in a green pasture. Seeing shaggy and poorly fed cattle implies problems and unhappiness in your personal life. Stampeding cattle indicates you are afraid something in your life is getting out of control.


To dream of a cathedral usually denotes a fear of the unknown. It is associated with sorrow and unhappiness and can indicate some unresolved personal problems. Dreaming about cathedrals can imply both physical and mental health concerns.

Cavern or Cave

Seeing a cavern or cave is associated with fear of the unknown and usually indicates worries about health conditions. Dreaming you are in a cavern or cave can indicate you have been, or feel you will be, estranged from someone you care about.


To dream of being in a cold damp cellar can indicate you are oppressed by doubts. You have lost confidence in all things and suffer gloomy days from which you cannot escape. It also can indicate a loss of property or personal possessions.


Dreaming about celebrities can indicate you are influenced by glamour and popularity and tend to fantasize about such things. Dreaming about being a celebrity denotes that you desire to live a more popular social life than you have now. To dream that a love one becomes a celebrity implies you are very proud of them and wish them well.


To dream of being in a beautiful and well-kept cemetery is a sign of happiness, but if the cemetery is unkempt and disorderly you could be concerned about your happiness. This is another contradictory dream because there are so many variations in the dream such as beautiful flowers, funeral services taking place, peaceful quite views of the cemetery, open graves, and dark cloudy days or bright sunshiny days. All of these things can effect the interpretation of this type of dream.


Watching a chase in progress indicates a desire not to get involved in something you may be aware of but are not a participant. I you are being chased it implies there may be something in your past you are running away from.


Dreaming about chocolate implies good health and prosperity. Living a good and pampered lifestyle is associated with chocolate in most dreams.


Being bound in chains denotes one feels they are being bound by unjust burdens or accusations. If you cannot escape from the chains it indicates you are unable to free yourself from your current burdens. Freeing yourself from the chains can imply you have recently accomplished something you thought impossible or unattainable.


To see a chair in your dream usually indicates a failure to meet an obligation. An empty chair is generally thought to be a bad omen and usually associated with unhappy dreams.


Dreaming you are the chairman of a public body or corporation indicates you are very ambitious and determined to achieve your goals. This dream can quite often be associated with a recent promotion or advancement.


If you are challenged in a dream it implies you are having problems with friends or co-workers and feel you need to defend yourself. It can also mean you feel compelled to make an apology for a social problem you have experienced.


To dream of a champion denotes you are seeking the friendship of some person who you admire.

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Dreaming about a chandelier can indicate a desire for success and prosperity. A chandelier is associated with luxury and pleasure. Dreaming about a broken chandelier implies distress and failure.


Dreaming about a chapel indicates dissension within your social circles. To be in a chapel denotes you are disappointed with your relationships or business associates.


To dream of giving to a charity usually denotes that you have been harassed with requests for help from friends or business associates recently. Worries about ill health quite often result in dreams about charitable institutions.


Dreams about charcoal denote misery and unhappiness are present in your life. If it is burning with glowing coals you feel the prospects of solving your problems are slim.


Riding in a chariot implies a feeling of power and glory. If the chariot is old and ragged you feel you are falling out of favor with someone you respect or love.


Being chastised in your dream indicates you have not been prudent in conducting your affairs. To dream that you chastise another person implies anger or disappointment with a friend or loved one. If you dream you are chastising one of your children it indicates you have recently been disappointed with a child.


To dream of being cheated in business indicates you have lost faith in a personal friend or business associate. Dreaming about being cheated in a game implies you do not trust people unless you know them well.


To dream of writing bad checks denotes you have lost faith in yourself and are ashamed of your recent behavior. Dreaming you are paying out checks indicates you are expecting or hoping to receive some windfall profits soon.


Playing checkers in a dream implies you feel challenged to show you are a winner. To dream that you win the game indicates you have faith in your abilities to overcome any adversities.

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