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Dreaming about a crying baby is indicative of ill health or disappointments in your life. A happy baby indicates a new or happy love affair and good relations with friends. When a baby is nursing it means you a very content and peaceful. Dreaming about a sick baby means you could be unhappy and depressed.


For a man to dream that he is a bachelor is an indication he is not happy in his current relationship. When a woman dreams of a bachelor she feels some man in her life is self centered and unavailable for a personal relationship.


To dream of seeing a bare back is a bad omen and denotes a loss of money. If someone turns their back on you it means a loss of respect and you will be hurt by jealousy. Lending advice or money is dangerous when you see a naked back.


If you dream of causing gossip (back biting) about someone it means you will find yourself with many problems if you don’t correct your behavior. It indicates your subconscious mind feels you have been unfairly critical of someone. If someone is back biting you it means you feel there may be problems with your family or friends.


To dream of playing backgammon and losing means you will be unlucky in love. If you win you will be lucky in love and have many friends. If you are watching a backgammon game it means you are disturbed because you have unwelcome guests.


Dreaming about eating bacon is good if it is clean and being handled properly. Holding bacon with dirty hands is considered a bad omen. If you dream of bacon that is rancid or rotten it indicates you are having a troubled affair.


To dream of a badger is a sign that you have won a battle that you fought very hard for. Seeing an injured badger is a sign you should put off any battles for another time.


This is not a bad dream if the music is pleasing and can be a sign of good fortune. If the sound is horrid and the player is dirty with torn clothes it is a sign of bad luck.


If you need to make bail your subconscious mind is telling you that help is needed from someone else. It may mean you need professional help for your finances or your business.

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If you dream you are a bailiff it indicates you are striving to make a better living for yourself.  If you are arrested by a bailiff it means you have problems or errors in you personal finances or business that need to be corrected.


Dreaming about a bakery and all the great smells that waft through the air is a sign of good luck and success for you.  To dream you are the baker and are making the bread indicates you are willing to work hard to improve your position in life.


If you are playing in a ball game it indicates you are expecting to hear good news soon.  If you are watching a ball game it may mean you are shy and afraid to participate in games with others.


Dreaming about a balcony is a sign you are looking for romance.


Dreams about balloons are considered a bad omen and bring problems with everything you’re your love life to business.  Ascending in a balloon signifies a troublesome journey.


Dreaming about a banjo is considered to be a good omen that will bring joy and happiness to your life.  If you are playing the banjo it indicates you have enjoyable times with many friends.  Watching someone else play the banjo means there may be a new love in your life soon.


To see vacant tellers in a bank indicates a loss of money for your business.  If you are a teller and give out too much money it indicates you feel that you are careless.


It is very good to dream about a banquet.  To see yourself having fun with friends and family indicates contentment and happiness in your life.  To see empty tables at a banquet means you have had some recent disappointments.


To dream of tending a bar, denotes that you will resort to anything to gain advancement.  Seeing a bar denotes exciting activity and the gathering of friends for the purpose of having good times.

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