B – Buffalo to Buzzard

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Dreaming about buffalos indicates you expect to come into an inordinate amount of money soon.  If you killed the buffalo it means you might want to think twice about getting involved with the business venture that may gain you this income.


To hear joyous blasts from a bugle means you are in for some happiness and harmony in your life.  Blowing a bugle is considered good fortune.


Something revolting and disgusting is happening or is expected to happen in your life if you dream about bugs.  Carelessness and sickness is associated with bugs.


To see large and magnificent buildings with a lot of green lawn around them indicates you feel you are destined to a rich and happy life.  If the buildings are tall and majestic your life will be celebrated with joy and happiness.  Old dilapidated buildings indicate a problem with your love life.


To see one pursuing you means you are having trouble with your business that is caused by competitors.  If you dream of a white bull you will lift yourself to a higher plane and overcome your problems better her fortune.


If you dream you are attacked by a bulldog you are transgressing into areas you do not belong and are afraid of what might happen.  To meet a bulldog in a friendly way means things are getting better in your life.


Bullets are considered a bad omen.  If you are hit by one it means you may be ill enough to see a doctor but have not done so.  It is thought that through a dream the sub conscious mind can sometimes warn us that our body is not functioning properly.

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Bumble bees

Usually a dream with a bumble bee in it is not considered to be a good dream.  We associate a bumble bee with pain and therefore it is considered a bad omen.  This type of dream is considered to be a warning that something in your sub conscious mind is telling you to be extra cautious.


To dream burglars are in your house would mean you do not feel completely comfortable with your surroundings at this time, and do not feel safe.  Dreaming about burglars indicate you are afraid of losing something of value.


If you attend the burial of a relative and the day is clear and sunny it is a sign you feel in good health and your relationships are good.  You are afraid that sickness and ill health will affect more people who are close to you If the weather is gloomy.

Buried Alive

To dream that you are buried alive denotes that you feel you are about to make a great mistake in your life that could cause you great pain and misery.


If you dream you are waiting for a bus it indicates you feel you have had a set back and are waiting to recover.  If you are riding on a bus you are on your way back to recovery.


To see a butterfly in your dreams indicates prosperity and happiness.  If they are flying around, you want friends to join in your celebration.  The bigger and more beautiful the butterfly, the bigger and grander you feel the celebration is.


Seeing a buzzard in your dreams indicates you are afraid a scandal is about to arise that concerns you or a family member.  If they fly away as you approach you may have been able to smooth over the scandal and things will work out.

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