B – Bookcase to Brothers

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To see a bookcase indicates you are associating knowledge with your work and feel you must keep educating yourself.  An empty bookcase means you’re afraid you will run out of funds before you reach your goals.

Book Store

Visiting a book store indicates you are very interested in discovering new adventures and seek knowledge.


If you are wearing new boots or shoes in your dream, you are convinced you will be lucky at your business and in your personal life.  If the boots or shoes are old and ragged you are experiencing an illness or problem in your personal life that you believe is very serious.


Dreaming about boys playing or just having a good time is considered a good omen in a dream, and usually indicates you are accomplishing your present goals.  If the boys are hurt or fighting it normally means you are very concerned about something in your current personal or business deals.


If the bottles are full you are overcoming any obstacles you may have and is considered to be a good omen dream.  Half empty or empty bottles indicate you are concerned about your future.

Bow and Arrow

Seeing a bow and arrow in a dream denotes you are successfully influencing others.  To make a bad shot with your bow means you are having problems controlling your actions.


Opening a box that is full of items you want is a sign you are currently happy with your progress in your business or personal life.  If the box is empty you are expecting some type of disappointment in your near future.  Opening a box full of money is said to mean you are looking forward to retirement.


If you see a branch full of leaves or fruit it means you are experiencing a pleasant and bountiful period in your personal.


Dreaming that your brakes failed and you are out of control in your car indicates you feel you are out of control in your personal life.  Dreams about failed brakes are usually considered a warning dream and could mean you need to carefully examine what is happening in your life.

What is my Lucky Number


If you are baking bread it indicates a desire to provide for those around you. If you are eating bread it means you are happy and content. When you dream about bread it is almost always part of a happy dream.


Usually comes in a favorable and enjoyable dream and indicates you have a healthy zest for life. If you are eating breakfast with a group of people it can mean you enjoy being surrounded by friends and family.


If you dream about bricks it indicates you are having problems or disagreements in your business or personal relationships.


To dream that you are the bride indicates a strong desire for a close personal relationship. The theme of the dream and your current personal circumstances would determine the type of relationship you are seeking. If you are not the bride it would indicate you are very happy about recent events in a friend or relatives life. Dreams about brides are considered a good omen and are usually associated with happy and joyous dreams.


If you are crossing a bridge and reach the other side safely it indicates you are expecting major changes in your life or lifestyle. If you cannot reach the other side you fear complications in your life may prevent you from these changes.


To dream that you are affected with bronchitis indicates you are feeling discouraged about prospects for the future and there may be complications you must handle. Dreaming you are ill usually indicates you are concerned about something you need to accomplish.


Dreaming about a bronze statue signifies you feel you are failing in a romantic relationship and your attempts to resolve the issues are not effective. If the statue moves it indicates you are considering an affair with another person.


To dream of brooms, denotes you expect rapid improvement in your financial situation.


The theme of this particular dream determines the reason for the dream. If your brothers are happy and full of energy your relationship with your family is improving. If the brothers are sad or grumpy the relationship between you and your family is deteriorating.

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