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Dreaming about the bible means you are disillusioned and looking for acceptance.  Reading the bible indicates you fear you cannot resist the temptations and persuasiveness of a friend.


To dream about riding on a bicycle indicates adventure and bright prospects ahead.  If you are riding uphill and struggling you feel the prospects may be difficult to achieve.


If a man dreams about bigamy it is an indication he fears loosing his manhood.  For a woman it means she is feeling dishonor or shame


Playing billiards indicate the dreamer is having troubles of some sort, usually over legal or property matters.


Dreaming about birds is usually considered to be a good omen.  Happiness and good times abound when you are dreaming about birds chirping and flying about.  Beautiful colored birds indicate good luck.  If you see dead birds it is a sign of unhappiness, disappointment and sorrow for an offspring.  Seeing birds flying overhead is a sign of prosperity, and to see dying birds means a loss of money or income.  An empty nest indicates you are feeling alone and deserted.

Bird’s Nest

Seeing an empty birds nest indicates gloom, unhappiness and a bad outlook for your business.  If there are eggs in the nest the outlook for business is very good.  If there are young birds in the nest you feel your dealings with people have been happy and successful.


Dreaming that you are giving birth to a child means you expect to hear good news soon.  Watching someone else give birth indicates hidden desires or fears you may have.  Watching an animal give birth is a sign of victory.

Birthday Cake

Dreaming about a birthday cake means you expect good luck in the near future and good relationships with your family and friends.  If it is an ugly cake you may have some temporary setbacks.


To be eating or baking biscuits is a sign of family disputes and arguments that are happening.  If you are sharing the biscuits it means the disagreements have been settled.


This type of dream is considered a bad omen and indicates you feel endangered and that someone wants to do you harm.  Dreaming about getting bitten usually indicates you wish you could undo damage you have done in the past that are unable to repair.  It can mean you feel you are about to experience some monetary losses that you cannot avoid.

What is my Lucky Number

Black Bird

Dreaming about black birds means you feel you are in a rut you are unable to get out of.  If you see black birds flying over head it indicates your problems will soon go away.


Picking blackberries is considered unlucky and denotes illness or problems.  Eating black berries indicates financial losses.


If your blanket is new and clean it indicates you are experiencing success in your life.  Soiled blankets mean you feel you have many problems.


To dream of being blind indicates a sudden change for the worse in your financial situation that you are unable to correct.  Seeing a blind person means you feel a worth person is coming into your life.


If your clothes are stained with blood, this type of dream indicates bad business deals that you should avoid and that you should stay away from strange or new friendships.  If blood is flowing from a wound you are experiencing physical ailments or worries.  Seeing blood on your hands is bad luck and considered to be a warning that someone will turn on you.


To dream of a boa-constrictor is similar to dreaming about the devil.  It indicates bad luck and trouble in the near future.


The theme of the dream you are having indicates the meaning of dreaming about a boat.  If the water is clear and it is a beautiful day it means happiness and joy.  If you are in stormy waters and the sky is gloomy and grey it means you feel unhappy and threatened.  If you have an accident with the boat it indicates you are afraid something bad is about to happen in your life.


If you see bones sticking out of your extremities it indicates you feel someone is plotting against you.  To see a pile of bones means you see hunger and illness around you.


Dreaming about books indicate you feel your life is very stable and sound.  You believe steady progress is the best way to reach your goals if you are reading a book in your dream.  Any time you dream about books it means you feel you are slowly reaching your goals.  Keep in mind that the theme of the dream indicates what you are progressing in.

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